The most comfortable concealed carry gun holsters on the planet.

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Alien Gear Holsters

IWB ( inside the waistband ) and OWB concealed carry holsters

30 Day
Test Drive

You are not just going to like your new Alien Gear Holster - you're going to love it. Guaranteed. Wear it for a month and if you don't agree that it's the most comfortable and concealable handgun holster you've ever owned we'll buy it back. No questions asked, no hard feelings.

Free Shell
Trades For Life

If you ever decide to carry a different handgun, we will trade your plastic shell to match your new gun. You may make unlimited trades as long as you own your Alien Gear Holster.


If any part of your Alien Gear Holster ever breaks for any reason, including the clips, we’ll repair or replace it for free.

Our IWB Holsters ( inside the waistband ) are the most
adjustable gun holsters on the planet.

Adjustable Tilt Angle
Tilt it more, tilt it less. The choice is yours.

By default, our concealed carry holsters are configured at a 15° cant. Simply raise or lower one or both of the clips in opposing directions to achieve the desired tilt angle. From the standard FBI cant (15°), raise the front of the clip to position it forward. Lowering the back clip will angle it forward as well. Conversely, if the front clip is lowered and the back clip raised, the gun holster will be pushed towards a more straight perpendicular angle.

Adjustable Ride Height
Raise or lower to fit your carry preference.

Depending on the desired height of the grip, the concealed carry holster can be adjusted up or down. Raising both clips will lower the handgun holster. Lowering both clips will raise it up.

Adjustable Retention
Tightened - More secure. Loosened - Faster draw.

This IWB holster ( Inside the Waistband ) will maintain its proper shape over time due to its adjustable retention system. Not like the cheaper rivets used on other concealed carry holsters, ours are well crafted and exact. On inferior quality leather iwb holsters, the leather stretches with time and becomes loose. One of the leading competitors advised its customers to simply, “heat the handgun holster with a HAIR DRYER” to remold it back into a usable form. Are those the sorts of chances you want to take with your concealed carry holster? It's certainly not the standard of quality we build. This really focuses on why a proper retention system is so important – and why we use it when we make our IWB concealed carry holsters. Tighten or loosen as desired. When you draw from your pistol holster, it's your shooting style – anytime, every time.

Professional Quality Holsters
The highest quality and best designed holster
you will ever own.

glock IWB holster ( inside the waistband )

We've all heard it. “You get what you pay for.” However, with design and innovation, we've found we can still bring a top quality concealed carry holster to market for less than many of our competitors. While that may mean we make less profit per concealed carry holster, we feel it's well worth it for our customers.

Better Quality Components
Our gun holsters are light-years ahead of our competitors'.

conceal carry holster

Alien Gear takes pride in its IWB Concealed Carry Holsters by outfitting each with premium, durable 10-12 ounce drum dyed leather. None of our competitors offer this incredibly comfortable and smooth 10-12 oz. leather in their designs. Most of our customers are pleasantly surprised by how we managed to get such plush leather into our gun holsters without them feeling bulky or uncomfortable. The reason is simple. This 10-12 oz leather breaks in quickly while still maintaining its shape. It's one of the reasons that Alien Gear makes the most comfortable IWB holsters on the planet – especially this one.

IWB ( inside the waistband ) handgun holster

Let's start with the plastic outer shell. We beat the industry average by using plastic that's a tenth of an inch thick – 0.093” to be exact. Then we apply an attractive finish to it to keep it looking as sleek and reliable as it is. Clothing is expensive and that's why we mold the outer shell to the bottom edge of the gun. It reduces wear and tear from the front sights scraping up against clothes. More importantly, it makes for a smooth and steady draw from the pistol holster. Some of our competitors have been caught using an outer shell as thin as a half an inch and most of the barrel is exposed. The last thing anyone wants to do is tear their trousers pulling a firearm – and that's why we don't do that to our customers. It's no way to build a concealed carry holster. That's why we build it better.

Stronger Belt Clips
Low profile. Super secure. Adjustable.

concealed carry holster

Holster clips should accommodate more than just one belt. That's why our holster clips are built to work with belts from 1 1/4” to 1 1/2” in width. Once fastened, they grip tight to the belt and the gun holster stays put when your weapon gets drawn. We offer a wide array of clips depending on tastes. The popular “J clips” and “C clips” are great for comfort and concealability but we also offer the more traditional and steadfast leather belt loops and steel clips. While our competitors may plaster their logo all over their clips, we think a concealed carry holster should be just that – concealed. Instead of fancy logos, we focus instead on continuing to make some of the industry's finest concealed carry holsters.

Better Design
Nothing else on Earth matches our technology.

IWB hybrid holsters ( inside the waistband )

Design doesn't just happen on it's own. It's the product of careful planning and experimentation. That's why we here at Alien Gear consulted with veteran concealed carriers, beginners, and even mechanical engineers before we set out to design our concealed carry holsters. Using modern techniques such as 3D design software alongside the more tried and true modeling clay and shop tools, we wouldn't let our concealed carry holster fall prey to so many bad habits of the other manufacturers. Our priorities are on SUPER COMFORT and being VIRTUALLY INVISIBLE to the bystander. The result? The Cloak Tuck holster. Both us and many of our customers believe it to be the best concealed carry holster on the market – but we'd always like to have your opinion.

Even concealable with a tucked in shirt.

concealment holster

Tucked right into your shirt, it's invisible and at-the-ready while you're out there looking professional.

Fast Access - Get a full grip.

IWB holsters ( inside the waistband )

What's the use in a concealed carry holster if it doesn't give you a super fast draw? Our IWB holster is designed just for that. If the situation strikes and you need your weapon, you'll appreciate the perfectly shaped leather and plastic which provides a firm, unwavering handle on your pistol grip. And don't worry about the “extras” our competition often tacks on. We recently found out some of our competitors charge a fee to trim off some of the leather. That's not our way. Alien Gear only makes the finest combat ready concealed carry holsters – made right.

Proudly Made In America.

holster made in USA