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Gun Owners

Mainstream Misconceptions About Gun Owners

If you are an avid gun owner, chances are you have found yourself in at least one awkward conversation. You are having a conversation with a new acquaintance, it seems to be going so well. Then they begin to ask you about your hobbies. You begin to talk to them about your guns. You tell them which one is your favorite and why. This is the point that you notice a change in their demeanor. You watch them raise their eyebrows, change the subject, or simply end the conversation.

For one reason or another, there seems to be an incredible amount of misconceptions as it pertains to gun owners and the reasons they choose to own them. Let’s address a few of these shall we?

Gun Owners are Uneducated.

gun owner education

There seems to be this myth about gun ownership stating that gun owners everywhere are, at their very core, uneducated. Maybe it is the old time television shows that seemed to always capture the old redneck sitting on his porch with a shotgun that has been ingrained in the minds of many. Many people argue that the educated and sophisticated are not interested in such things.

A recent study put out by project.org gives a breakdown of gun owners and their education background. They made some interesting finds. Many gun owners are not only educated, they are well educated. Out of all registered owners of a handgun 63% have a college education in their background. While there are some out there who give gun owners a bad name (same is true for any group) they do not represent the norm.

Gun Owners are Scared of the Government.

not scared of the government

There has been an explosion of conspiracy theories in recent years. When talk was swirling around about more gun control, many conspiracy leaders urged people to “take up arms” and prepare to fight the government. As a result, many individuals view people who have firearms for whatever reason to be part of some secret militia plotting against the government.

The fact of the matter is that most gun owners love their country. They do not always agree with a particular candidate or certain policies. This makes them citizens, not crazy people. Most gun owners love their country and the foundation it has been built upon. They earnestly hope that it will be preserved so that they maintain their freedoms that the government has afforded them for years.

Gun Owners are all the Same.

Are you a football fan? If so, do you like high school, college, or pro? Who is your favorite team? When it comes to being a sports fans, not everyone fits in the same mold. We are all a little bit different. The same could be said for gun owners.

Some own guns in order to provide adequate protection for themselves or their family. Some buy their weapons and customize them to fit their needs so that they can pursue their true passion, which is hunting. Some people have a collection of guns that they never intend to fire. They have them because they have been handed down through their family, and they serve as a reminder of sweet memories with loved ones who are no longer with them. There are also those individuals who just admire the beauty and craftsmanship at work in a firearm and they collect them for that reason.

While there are many misconceptions swirling around about those of us who own guns, one thing remains true; we are sure glad we own them!

What are some misconceptions that you have heard about gun owners? We would love to hear from you! Feel free to post in the comments below.

About The Author

Troy is a family man. He currently serves as a youth and family minister. Troy is a man who is very passionate about God, family, and guns. He enjoys escaping to the woods at every opportunity for a hunting trip. He is also very passionate about the way we raise our children to have respect for God, fellow man, and of course guns.