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Top 5 handguns under $500 dollars

Ruger SR45

Ruger SR45

With an overall length of 8 inches concealed carry might be a challenge but certainly doable, especially with a width of only 1.27 inches. Personally, I happen to greatly enjoy anything with the Ruger name on it. Chambered in .45 Auto with a 10 +1 capacity, I don’t hear any complaints on stopping power.

It is rather feature-laden, with a thumb safety, drop safe trigger, chamber indicator, adjustable rear sights, reversible backstrap and so on. It’s a little much in my opinion, more moving pieces to break, but these features do add some versatility to the gun and open it up to a wider audience.

MSRP on the Ruger website clocks in at $529, but these can be found in stores for less, Take a look here: Ruger SR45

Check out your holster options for the Ruger SR45 here: Ruger SR45 Holster

Beretta BU9 NANO

Beretta BU9 NANO

With an overall length of 5.63 inches and an overall width of just under an inch, the Beretta BU9 NANO is a tiny little gun.

Chambered in 9MM, the NANO will accept either 6 or 8 round magazines. While the 8 round magazine does increase the overall height, the Nano is already so small it hardly matters for concealment but could make the gun much more accessible to those of us with larger hands.

The Beretta NANO is incredibly modular, letting the user easily swap out frames and accessories.

MSRP on the Beretta website ranges from $657 all the way down to $445. The primary difference is the Crimson Trace Laser. Beretta Bu9 Nano

Check out your holster options for the Beretta BU9 NANO here: Beretta BU9 Nano Holster



What conversation about affordable handguns would be complete these days without at least mentioning the Hi-Point? Hi-Points are 100% American made, very affordable, and come with a lifetime warranty for the life of the gun. Kind of hard to beat.

The Hi-Point 45ACP holds a 9 round magazine, and has all the features you would expect on a gun 3 times the price. From what I’ve seen, the only drawback for the Hi-Points is their appearance. They are ugly as sin. But how much do you care about the appearance when you can pick up a reliable .45ACP handgun with a 9 round magazine capacity for $200?

MSRP on the Hi-POINT website runs from $251 to $199 depending on accessories, so the gun itself MSRP’s at $199.  Take a look here: Hi Point 45ACP

Check out your holster options for the Hi-Point 45ACP here: Hi Point 45ACP Holster

Sig Sauer P250

Sig Sauer P250

The Sig P250 is another versatile, modular platform. With interchangeable grips and calibers, the Sig P250 is available in 9MM, 40 S&W, .357 Sig, and 45ACP, with a capacity of 17 rounds for the 9MM, 14 rounds for the 40 S&W and .357 Sig, and 10 rounds for the .45ACP.

Frankly, the Sig Sauer P250 is pretty. It has aesthetically pleasing lines and curves, and it just looks exactly like you want it to. While that is far from the most important factor when purchasing a handgun, it certainly doesn’t hurt, especially when paired with Sig’s reputation for putting out a product of the highest quality.

The Sig Sauer P250 MSRP’s on the Sig website for $466. Maybe budget a little extra for an interchangeable barrel or two and accompanying magazines? Sig Sauer P250

Check out your holster options for the Sig Sauer P250 here: Sig Sauer P250 Holster

Kahr Arms CW9

Kahr Arms CW9

Kahr’s CW9 is a simple gun. No bells and whistles, nothing to get in the way, not a whole lot to break. Chambered in 9MM, the CW9 has a capacity of 7 +1. With the textured polymer grip, that gun ain’t going anywhere once it’s in your hand.

With an overall length of less than 6 inches, the Kahr CW9 would be a great choice for affordable concealed carry, especially with its simplicity and ease of use. And again with the pretty lines, it just looks nice.

The Kahr CW9 MSRP’s on the Kahr site for $449 Kahr Arms CW9

Check out your holster options for the Kahr Arms CW9 here: Kahr CW9 holster

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