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Best Concealed Carry Gun Guides and more

You might have noticed an Alien Gear gun guides at some point, as we have published a number of them. Each one covers a particular topic in greater detail than the typical blog post, going into greater depth on every point and covering far more ground than normal.

Why do we publish these guides? Simple - to provide relevant information about various aspects of concealed carry and related topics that people need or want that might not get covered otherwise.

Here are the best of our guides so far. Each of these pieces will teach you a great deal of what you need to know about a particular topic, and can be looked at as reference material for years to come.

The Complete Guide To Gun Safety

gun safety guide

If a person is to carry or own a firearm of any kind, there is nothing more important to learn than the basics of gun safety. We decided to assemble the most comprehensive guide to gun safety in existence, covering every facet of gun safety from basic operating safety to shooting safety, safe storage, and all points in between. Naturally, the guide covers the 4 laws of gun safety.

We cover both handgun and long gun safety in detail, so this guide is hardly reserved for just the concealed carrier. Anyone and everyone can learn something about gun safety from this guide.

Take a look at the Alien Gear Gun Safety Guide

The Complete Concealed Carry Training Guide

concealed carry training guide

If you're going to concealed carry, both introductory and regular concealed carry training is one of the best investments you can make. Not only that, it might be required as most states require a training course of some sort in order to get a concealed pistol license.

This guide takes the complete novice from ground zero all the way into regular training drills that a person should practice for life. It also covers all points in between, including working on shooting fundamentals, the gear you'll need for practice and how the beginner should approach practicing in order to get the most out of it. In short, it's the soup-to-nuts guide to concealed carry training. There's something in here for everyone.

See our concealed carry training guide.

Magazine Holster Guide

magazine carrier guide

One of the most popular pieces of concealed carry gear outside a good concealed carry holster is a magazine holster or mag carrier. We released our own recently after years of development, and most other holster companies make some sort of mag carrier.

Whether it's a mag carrier for concealed or open carry, or just for range use, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about magazine holsters, including what kinds there are, how they're used and what to look for in one.

Learn everything you need to know about mag carriers in our magazine holster guide!

1911 Shopping Guide

1911 pistol shopping guide

The 1911 pistol design remains one of the most popular handgun designs more than a century after it was produced. It was the primary sidearm for the American armed forces for more than a half century. Legions of people today own and carry a 1911 pistol every day.

Some would argue that no handgun sits in the hand as well, points as naturally or makes shooting a big-bore handgun cartridge as easy. The platform is also incredibly versatile, as full-size, mid-size and compact variants are available in a wide range of calibers.

A 1911 is well-suited to use as a service pistol, around-the-house carry gun or, in the smaller frame variants, a concealed carry pistol.

Our 1911 shopping guide will show you the range of 1911 pistols on the market, for the beginner through the highly discerning firearms owner, to range-only toys to working concealed carry guns, and from high-end custom guns to 1911 pistols that can fit any budget.

Looking for a 1911 pistol? Have a look at our 1911 handgun shopping guide to get started!

A Guide To Handguns For The Total Beginner

guide to handguns for the total beginner

Everyone has to start somewhere, and our Guide To Handguns For The Total Beginner will teach the complete novice just about everything they need to know about pistols. It's designed to teach a person who knows literally nothing about handguns the basics of semi-autos and revolvers, what the various parts are and how they work.

This guide won't necessarily make someone an expert on handguns, but it will provide a decent knowledge base for the novice.

Check out our beginners guide to handguns to learn more!

Guide To Car Holsters

car holster guide

Carrying in the car is vastly different than carrying while standing or otherwise on foot, which is why some people employ car holsters. Another popular product for this application is the holster mount or holster dock, of which Alien Gear is one of the leading providers.

This guide describes the various types of car holsters and car holster mounts, how they work and what you should know about them. After reading, you should be able to make a much more informed decision about whether you want a car holster or car holster dock, and what to look for if it comes time to buy one.

Learn more in our guide to car holsters!

The New Handgun Owner's Guide To Concealed Carry Reciprocity

guide to ccw reciprocity

The person who conceals and carries should know where it's legally allowed to do and where it's not, which is why concealed carry reciprocity is an important subject for the concealed carrier to be aware of. Some states recognize more than one handgun license, after all...and some don't recognize any other than their own.

This guide will teach the beginner what they need to know about concealed carry reciprocity, and how to find more information should they need it - such as the Alien Gear CCW Reciprocity Map - to get them started in learning about reciprocity laws.

Learn more about concealed carry reciprocity in our reciprocity guide!

Even More Alien Gear Guides To Come!

alien gears guides

Our series of Alien Gear Guides is designed to put the information that you need or want to know within easy reach, informing and educating the reader of what they need to know regarding guns, gear and concealed carry. We certainly hope that you will or have enjoyed them.

We also have more on the way! The body of knowledge concerning concealed carry, firearms and the various bits of gear that goes with them is ample and continuously evolving. As a result, Alien Gear Holsters is going to be bringing you more guides as time goes on.

Keep an eye on our blog as well as our social media pages for further Alien Gear guides as they are published. Read, enjoy and share! After all, we make these for everyone, and we certainly hope that as many people as possible can get something out of our guides.

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