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Is it a good idea to advertise your firearm?

Collecting guns is a fun hobby. Just like any other hobby, you have associations you can join and items you can buy to show your support for the hobby and it's vendors. It’s part of what helps spread the word about the associations and hobby itself.

labeling your gun hobby
The thing is, guns are a little different than a lot of other hobbies.

Collecting guns, shooting guns and daily carrying of a gun is more responsibility than many other hobbies. One of those responsibilities is making sure your gun collection is safe from people whom they don't belong.

This leads me to the question of the article. Is it a good idea to advertise your gun hobby/lifestyle with stickers on your car or house, clothing, etc.?

Here's are a couple of situations to consider:

Stickers on your vehicle

Criminals are always walking through parking lots looking for a vehicle to break into. The store parking lot where your vehicle is resting happens to be a store where they don't allow concealed carry weapons. Like a law abiding citizen, you lock your concealed carry gun in the car.

As the potential evildoer is casing the cars, he sees your "Due to the raising cost of ammo, there will be no warning shots" bumper sticker.

He knows the policy of the store and the sticker on your vehicle implies there might just be a weapon inside it somewhere. Does this make your vehicle a prime target to break into?

Gun Signs for your Home

The same could apply to a house. The stereotypical burglar is looking for houses to break into. The house either needs a weakness they can exploit or potential items worth the risk. Your house seems to be uninhabited at the moment because no cars are in the driveway and all of the lights off. You have a conspicuously placed sticker for your security system. Right above your security system sticker is a NRA membership sticker.

Would the potential of finding a gun or two be worth the risk to the burglar?

Clothing logos or writing

Here is another scenario. You're walking down the street. You are legally concealed carrying your weapon as always. You have a t-shirt with your favorite gun manufacturer's logo on it. When a would-be mugger sees you, would the gun related clothing deter or encourage them to attack you?

The Real World Breakdown

For the novice or thrifty thief, the empty car and house may be more inviting because they might score a weapon for future use. A home with weapons should have them stored in a safe, but this isn’t always the case in reality.

The logoed t-shirt is a bit more iffy. I think it would take a brave or ignorant mugger to take that risk.

Not many people are looking to lose their lives over a few dollars.

The mugger may look past you and go for a weaker target. A more experienced thief however will have his actions a bit more planned out so he/she would see the potential prize of a new gun as icing on the cake.

The less you advertise your weaponry, the more element of surprise is in your favor.

What do you think? Does advertising your affiliations or gun hobby logos make you a target?
Let us know in the comments below.

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