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best concealed carry articles 2015

The Best Concealed Carry Articles of 2015

Of course I'm a fan of my own work but here comes the time of the year where we look back at 2015 and start to cherry pick the few times I got to touch upon some important concealed carry topics within the ccw community. In no particular order, here we go...

Why Should You Own And Carry A Concealed Carry Gun?

should you own a ccw

The very first step towards becoming a concealed carrier is understanding why. That's an important question that only you can answer yourself but I cover the issues of its foundation, legality, and some strong arguments why it can be beneficial in your daily life. If you're not a concealed carrier or you know someone who may be interested in becoming one, this article is meant to introduce some basics concepts that the person may see and experience for himself later on. Take a look here: Why Should You Own And Carry A Concealed Carry Gun?

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How To Prepare For A Concealed Carry Class

prepare for ccw classs

For those newcomers, there can be a bit of anxiety when getting ready to jump into a concealed carry class for the first time. We go over expectations, thoughtful discussion topics, and several other things that will help you get the most out of your concealed carry class experience.

Take a look at our mini guide here: How to prepare for a concealed carry class

Making The Transition From Military To Concealed Carrier

military to concealed carry

This is probably a bit more personal of an article because I happened to live through it. Making the transition from military to concealed carrier isn't as clear-cut as it seems. There's a lot of gaps between the two that only get filled in with training and experience. Going into this transition with an open mind and being accepting to new ideas really helped me get a lot out of becoming a concealed carrier. And most important – train like you intend to fight!

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Situational Awareness for Concealed Carry

situational awareness for concealed carry

Complacency is something we don't realize we're stuck in until it's too late. Have you ever been in a situation where you think, “if I had just paid better of attention, I could have avoided this?” That's why situational awareness is key in concealed carry practices. Because while you may have had that revelation at some point in your life, there may come a time where you either pay attention or miss something that comes back to haunt you. Read the full article here: Situational Awareness for Concealed Carry

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How To Get Friends And Family To Carry Concealed

how to get friends to carry concealed

This article is all about getting those close to you to jump onboard the concealed carry train. Why is this important? Because it's more people who are able to help you and help themselves. Even if it's just your spouse or even a close friend, having someone to train with, practice, and keep accountable is important for continually improving your concealed carry experience.

Take a look here: how to get friends to carry concealed

Going into the new year, whether you're an experienced veteran concealed carrier or someone just getting into it – what are some questions you'd like answered? Tell us some articles you'd like to read about for 2016 in the comments below!

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