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Top Gun Friendly States

best states for ccw gun owners

With summer upon us in full force, it's time to turn an eye towards places where folks just seem to get the idea that defending one's self is for the betterment of all.

Alien Gear Holsters is proud to present the top five CCW friendly states.


Known for maple syrup, great outdoor music festivals, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, and awesome skiing – Vermont has a little bit of everything.

Did you also know that Vermont has a version of the Second Amendment in its constitution that predates the United States Constitution?

True story. In 1777, Vermont was considered largely an independent republic and as such, saw the inherent value in its citizens having the right to be armed. This decision was upheld in a 1903 ruling of the State vs. Rosenthal, where the concept that a person ought not be required to maintain a permit to carry concealed in Vermont was upheld.

Open carry, permitless concealed carry (constitutional carry), and friendly to out-of-state visitors – this is certainly a place that takes its gun liberties close to heart. In fact, when Burlington (one of Vermont's larger cities) decided to pass a gun ordinance banning semi-automatic assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, it was so unpopular that the city council eventually had to back down altogether.


most gun friendly states

For those looking to explore their “own private Idaho”, Idaho offers some exciting opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts and city-slickers alike. Open carry being allowed except where cities have specific ordinances stating against, Idaho is one of the few states that understands folks need to be able to protect themselves when traveling through the vast mountainous expanses of territory.

Overall, this place has a lot of great ccw vacation opportunities. Everything from mountain climbing, white water river rafting, and a great hunting season – this place is friendly to gun owners and especially concealed carriers. If you're traveling from out-of-state, it may be necessary for you to bring your permit and speak with the local Sheriff to determine any additional conditions you need in order to conceal carry in some of the cities.


best states for 2nd amendment

As of July, 2015, Kansas will no longer require concealed carriers to maintain permits – essentially making Kansas a constitutional carry state. For those still wishing to maintain permits for out-of-state travel and such, Kansas will still produce and authorize concealed carry permits.


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Along the great expanses of the northern plains as they reach into the Rocky Mountains, Wyoming is a rugged state boasting a wonderful array of city culture and outdoors activities. While out of state residents may still be required to bring their CCW permits in order to conceal carry, open carry of both long guns and handguns is perfectly fine and reasonable.

This is a state that is extremely gun friendly and upholds the ideals of the Second Amendment to the fullest extent. More importantly, they're usually a very down to earth lot, willing to answer questions and be courteous to strangers – making this a fantastic state to stop in on a CCW road trip.


Maine's Senate has recently passed LD 652 – a provision that amends the previous concealed carry law to no longer require a permit. This law is set to be enacted in July of 2015 which would make Maine one of the newest additions to the constitutional carry movement. Additionally, they already have a very liberal open carry policy. The final ending point of the Appalachian Trail system as well as acclaimed seafood and lobster – what more reason did any need to make this a CCW travel stop?

Would you consider moving to a more gun friendly state?

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