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Best CCW Articles of 2016 - Alien Gear Holsters Edition

It's been a banner year so far for Alien Gear Holsters and for CCW, so here are the best CCW articles of 2016. These have been hand-picked by our editorial staff for quality of execution and of the information contained therein. Check them out, if you haven't read them already!

Concealed Carry Training Guide

ccw training guide

Unless you have the benefit of training or law enforcement giving you advice, you'll need some basic information on how to concealed carry - such as the Concealed Carry Training Guide from Alien Gear. We've lined up all the information you need to go from unarmed to a competent carrier. With this guide, you'll be able to carry confidently, safely and competently.

Avoiding Concealed Carry Mistakes

concealed carry mistakes

This post describes 32 common concealed carry mistakes...and how to avoid them. Some people think carrying is as simple as getting a permit, jamming a gun into a holster and heading out the door...but there are so many ways it can go wrong. This guide shows you the little details that many carriers make a mess of, and how you can steer clear of those fumbles. If you mean to carry, you may as well learn how to do it right.

How To Avoid Printing, Brandishing A Gun

concealed carry printing

Concealed carry means a gun stays concealed, and printing, peeking and brandishing are ways that concealed carriers alert others that they are carrying - which defeats the purpose. Furthermore, in some instances, it's actually a crime. Learn how to set yourself up to conceal successfully by avoiding printing and brandishing- and keep concealed.

Manual Safety or No Safety

Manual safety or no safety - one of the eternal debates. Everyone has their own take on it, including contributing editor of Alien Gear James England - and this is his.Obviously, proper observance of firearm safety is the first, best way to stay safe. Having a manual safety is one more thing you have to be mindful of and train with, but some people prefer "cocked and locked," which is only possible with a manual safety. Read on for more.

1911 Pistol Shopping Guide

1911 handgun shopping guide

More than a century later, the 1911 is still a wildly popular pistol - and here's our 1911 shopping guide. On this list, you'll find 1911s ranging from bargain-basement GI models to the some of the highest grades of this gun that are made these days. There really is something on this list for everyone, whether you're looking for strictly a range gun, implement of home defense or concealed carry pistol.

California CCW

California concealed carry

The Golden State is known to be hostile to gun rights and gun owners, and the California CCW laws are a shambles. Few states in the union are as inconsistent as California in granting licenses to concealed carry applicants, even those who are unquestioningly qualified. Licenses are granted at the county level, and every county has different standards. Here, we give you the skinny on how to get a concealed carry license in California.

How To Stay Concealed While Sitting Down

Concealed carrying while walking or standing is one thing, but staying concealed while sitting is a bit more difficult. Here you'll find a guide to staying concealed while sitting down, such as in the office or in the car, and while kneeling or bending over. It takes a bit of preparation, but it's easy enough to do.

Make A Plan To Own And Carry A Firearm

own and carry a firearm

Looking to start concealed carrying? Given the legal and safety ramifications, it's best that you don't do so without preparation. If one is going to start carrying, it's best to make a plan and then stick to it - which this concealed carry beginners guide will walk you through developing. This article walks you through from start to carrying every day.

Paddle Holster vs Belt Slide Holster

paddle holsters vs belt slide holster

OWB holsters generally come in two varieties - paddle holster or belt slide - and each has their own unique features. If one is going to carry with an OWB holster, it's good to know how each works and the various features that are available for both.

The 5 Stages of Concealed Carry

concealed carry beginner stages

Everyone who carries goes through the stages of concealed carry as they gain competence. Carrying changes the way you experience daily life - and those changes come in waves as a person becomes more experienced in carrying. This article discusses each stage along the way, from beginning carrier to the seasoned veteran.

The Rest Of 2016 Should Be Even Better

These ten articles are the best of our concealed carry blog so far in 2016. This has been an incredible year so far, and it should get even better from here. Keep your powder dry, and carry on.

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