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cloak mod holster by alien gear holsters

Alien Gear Holsters Brings You The Cloak Mod OWB Paddle Holster

Alien Gear Holsters is pleased to announce the new Cloak Mod OWB Paddle Holster, our very latest offering for outside the waistband carrying. The Cloak Mod is the next step in the evolution of Alien Gear Holsters, and in gun holster design.

Our new holster includes the best features of Alien Gear products to date, including our adjustable retention shell, adjustable holster cant and a spring steel core. We have also created a modular belt attachment system allowing the user to select what manner in which you want the OWB holster on your belt.

The First Convertible Paddle Holster

belt paddle holster

The most unique aspect of the Cloak Mod is that it is a modular, convertible holster that can function as a paddle holster or a belt slide holster. You can order which belt attachment you prefer while placing an order, or choose both as an optional upgrade and switch between one belt attachment or the other as you see fit.

The paddle attachment for the Cloak Mod features the Alien Gear logo and installs on the rear plate of the holster. Our paddle attachment also includes a retention lip for additional security, so the holster stays where it's put.

Additionally, the paddle attachment is compatible with the Cloak Dock holster mount. The Cloak Dock is designed to be compatible only with the Cloak Mod, allowing the user to create a docking station for the holster with the paddle attachment. Use any surface you want - it is usable as a wall mount, can be attached to any furniture you can imagine or as a car holster mount if you wish.

Belt Slide Holster Attachment Available As Well

the paddle holster comes with attachments

If one prefers a belt slide rather than a paddle, a belt slide attachment is available for the Cloak Mod as well. Just like the paddle attachment, the belt slide can be the sole belt attachment at the point of purchase, or one can opt for both at the point of purchase if anticipating wanting to switch between the two.

Our belt slide attachment for the Cloak Mod attaches the same way as the paddle - four bolts on the back plate of the holster. To wear, simply thread your belt through the holster's slide attachment and secure the holster by latching your belt. Alien Gear also offers a gun belt, made from premium English bridle leather and a spring steel core, if you need a gun belt to go with your holster.

Easy Conversion Between OWB Holster Types

easily converts between paddle holster and belt slide

If you want to switch between the two belt attachments, it's very easy. Included with the holster is a parts pack that includes a hex key. To switch the attachments, disassemble the holster and disengage the belt attachment. Install the new holster attachment - whether you are switching to a belt slide or paddle - and then reassemble the holster. Then you're good to go.

Paddle Holster with Full Adjustability

holster adjustability

As with other holsters by Alien Gear, the Cloak Mod features the same adjustability and customizability that our products are known for. Just like every other holster that Alien Gear makes, we install our adjustable retention shell to retain your firearm. Since we use adjustable mounting hardware, you can raise or lower the retention shell and thereby set the draw to your preference.

Since every retention shell is custom-molded to fit every make and model firearm we sell a holster for, your pistol will fit precisely and thus will be held more securely than many other OWB holsters such as leather or nylon generic holsters. Furthermore, the retention shell can swapped for any make and model of pistol we make a retention shell for.

If you have multiple pistols, you can get the retention shell for each gun and swap them out as you see fit. It is possible to carry every single pistol you own with just one holster this way - very few holsters would be able to do this as well as Alien Gear does.

Additionally, the cant of the holster can be adjusted as well. On the back plate of the Cloak Mod, you'll notice a number of thread holes in the pate. Using these thread holes, you can adjust the cant of the belt attachment to 15 degrees to the rear or forward, if you prefer the FBI cant.

The Cloak Mod, unlike many holsters, can be worn nearly anywhere on the beltline, making it one of the few holsters that has virtually 360 degrees of deployability. The holster can be worn on any of the traditional positions between the 6 O'Clock to 3 O'Clock positions, or as an appendix OWB holster, or even as a crossdraw holster.

Otherwordly Value For An OWB Paddle Holster

man wearing new paddle holster

This holster is made with advanced materials, employs advanced design and delivers far more customizability and function than the typical OWB holster. Not only that, it can be had for an outstanding value of less than $50. Alien Gear has gained a reputation for delivering value for money better than any other holster maker on the planet and the Cloak Mod continues this tradition.

Like every other holster from Alien Gear, the Cloak Mod OWB holster comes with our Iron Clad Guarantee, which includes a 30-day test drive, a lifetime of shell trades and a forever guarantee on the holster itself. Damage or defect, we will fix it or replace the holster.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a holster that offers the same level of function as the Cloak Mod at any price, let alone at such a reasonable price point.

Take a look at the The Cloak Mod OWB Paddle holster.
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