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How To Concealed Carry To A Wedding

Just like many other types of occasions, one may wonder about how to concealed carry to a wedding. Many of the practical concerns are the same as concealed carrying anywhere else, though there may be a few extra things to account for.

Also, it bears mention that some weddings are different than others. For a good deal of weddings, it's basically just concealed carry in business attire and others...are a whole different ball game.

Concealed Carry Every Day, Wedding Days Included

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Concealed carrying isn't really something a person should do when they feel like it; a person who is going to carry should concealed carry every day. The point of arming one's self is to be prepared in case of what could possibly happen, not what's likely to happen.

That includes weddings. Chances are a person is going to go to a few of them. It's not likely that any threats are going to need to be dealt with during a wedding, but one never knows - there have been instances of wedding robberies.

If one is going to concealed carry all the time, that means even carrying at weddings. That said, is it really all that different than concealed carry anywhere else?

Not in any practical sense. It's just a social occasion, during which a person is carrying a concealed weapon.

Practical Considerations For CCW During A Wedding

If you're going to carry concealed to a wedding, there are some practical considerations to bear in mind, though they really aren't any different from carrying normally.

First is adjusting carry and attire. How formal is this wedding? Casual, professional/formal or full-on black tie? Casual dress is fairly easy - conceal as normal. A more formal occasion (slacks and button up at minimum, if not suit and tie) is a different animal.

More formal dress, such as business professional or formal, imposes the need for deeper concealment. An IWB holster must be tucked under the shirt as well as into the waistband.

Many OWB holsters conceal easily under a jacket. If carrying under a suit coat, try not to wear an Italian or other slim-cut; these may print.

There's not much difference between a regular jacket and a tuxedo jacket for the most part. In most instances, the only difference between the two is tuxedo lapels are faced in silk and the pockets are jetted rather than flapped. Carry as normal.

Destination weddings are another matter entirely. If you are required to fly, you may have to leave your CCW at home, depending on circumstances.

Should One Even Bring a CCW To A Wedding?

Since weddings are kind of a big deal etiquette-wise, some wonder if it's even appropriate to bring a CCW to a wedding. One the one hand, some might say not. Weddings are more intimate affairs than, say, a New Year's get-together at the local bar. You were likely invited because someone wants you there. If said people are generally known to be averse to the presence of firearms, carrying could be seen as in gracious if not flagrantly disregarding their feelings. That's up to the individual carrier - though some might leave their gun in their car.

Then again, if you value your life, you might consider disregarding anti-gun sentiment entirely. So long as you stay harm, no foul.

Don't carry if you're going to drink. Weddings are celebratory events and drinking is likely to occur. Alcohol and guns don't mix, period; leave your piece at home if you intend to drink.

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