benefits of ccw in the workplace

Benefits of Having Legally Armed Employees

A lot of companies are starting to catch on: responsible concealed carriers are a force multiplier in terms of keeping employees and customers safe. Only a few short months ago, a T-Mobile employee used his concealed carry handgun to neutralize two armed robbers in a store in Chicago. He successfully managed to protect both customers and his fellow employees. While T-Mobile is generally “gun free” in policy, the manager quickly saw that if it was not for the fast action on behalf of his employee, they all would have been put at even greater risk.

Let's discuss four reasons why having legally armed employees is actually a great thing.

Worker Safety In The Parking Lot

concealed carry in a parking lot

Your employees are your greatest asset as a company. They produce your means or provide your service so that you can look at the bigger picture. Showing them that they reflect that value is as simple as enabling them to be legal and responsible in their protection.

You know your business better than anyone else. You can also dictate policy guidelines for Human Resources and the employee handbook. Enabling your employees who are traveling or walking to and from your place of work to the parking lot is a simple but appreciated step.

Let's take a hospital, for example. Hospitals usually have strict policies in place for the carrying of firearms or weapons – concealed or otherwise. What about after your nurses or technicians get off shift? Video surveillance is great for an “after the fact” moment but for the during, allowing your employees to legally carry from the workplace to the parking lot is an essential piece of this equation.

Giving Incentive To Employees To Look After One Another

bringing employees together with concealed carry

The best resource you have for employee and customer security are your employees. Security guards are an outward deterrent but they are also a huge expense and are limited in an active role. Knowing that your employees are discretely, responsibly, and legally armed is just one more failsafe against preparing for the worst.

No one likes to deal with worst case scenarios but they are a fact of life. Ensuring your employees have the means to defend each other in one of those scenarios shows that you value them.

Encouraging Concealed Carry At The Workplace And Outside Of It

concealed carry at work

Employee culture is important to longevity. Actively encouraging employees to embrace concealed carry and even giving incentives for them to practice, take additional concealed carry training, and purchase the right equipment is just going one step further to demonstrate you value them.

You care about them not just when they're at work but when they're outside of work. Concealed carry everyday, inside and outside the workplace, is a great first step. Encouraging additional training and even showing them some safety procedures like getting a holster with great retention and adjustable cant are all ways to show this.

Your Customers Know They're Safe

concealed carry safety for customers

When a customer steps foot inside your business, first appearances are everything. They may never know the person they're talking to is a concealed carrier but the other employees will likely know. This will reflect in how they treat their customers as they ensure both their safety and that of the person they are dealing with.

James England  

About The Author

James England (@sir_jim_england) is the contributing editor for Alien Gear Holsters. He is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and private defense contracting in Afghanistan.