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Concealed Carry Citizen - Big Asset To Law Enforcement

We've heard it from sheriffs all across the country: a well armed society is better capable of protecting itself from criminals and terrorist threats. Alongside being armed, though, it's also important to know that law enforcement officers vary greatly in their dealings with the public and their own personal views on citizens carrying concealed everyday. In this article, we'll attempt to highlight just some of the ways that your average everyday concealed carry citizen is actually a big asset to law enforcement.

Concealed Carriers Understand They're Not Officers

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The difference between the police and the average person is a police officer is a sworn officer of the law. These brave men and women take a solemn obligation to defend, protect, and enforce the laws and regulations of their jurisdiction. As concealed carriers, we're mostly interested in just protecting ourselves, our family, and our property.

While there are incidences where concealed carriers have stepped in to stop a violent felony from occurring, overall that's not our main thing. Regardless, it may very well be a concealed carrier who's first in line when an incident occurs. Law enforcement agencies seem to get this and it's becoming a much more accepted thing.

  • A concealed carry gas station customer stopped a hatchet-wielding assailant from further maiming a clerk.
  • Another concealed carrier defended his life after being assaulted and pistol whipped during a robbery.
  • A State lawmaker defends this concealed carrier's right to defend himself from an armed robber.

It's not just law enforcement that see the merit in having good guys (and gals) with guns ready and able to protect themselves and their family from violent assault.

As a concealed carrier, we have to always be vigilant in doing what we know is both legally allowed and morally right. We shouldn't be pursuing shoplifters or stepping in to fill the shoes that a policeman would normally fill.

Licensed Concealed Carriers Have Incentive To Follow The Law

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A big take-away from recent news is that concealed carriers have a lot to offer their communities. Whereas police can't be everywhere at once, it's possible to have someone willing and able to protect himself and his family at a moment's notice. This is made simpler by having a clear cut process where a law abiding citizen can seek the proper channels to pursue his concealed carry permit.

After getting that permit, he now has an obligation to maintain it responsibly. That's best served by carrying every day, where permissible by law, in a comfortable and secure inside the waistband concealed carry holster. Making it a part of his lifestyle is the best way to keep it relevant and useful – and ensuring that if we need to keep making headlines, it's for all the right reasons.

In conclusion, let's set about to ensure that the reputation we keep as law-abiding citizens remains good by complying with all lawful requests, using the right equipment, and making sure we're prepared to handle self defensive encounters that may come our way.

James England

About The Author

James England (@sir_jim_england) is the contributing editor for Alien Gear Holsters. He is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and private defense contracting in Afghanistan.