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Concealed Carry On the Rise - National CCW Permit Numbers Soar!

Getting an exact concealed carry numbers, state-by-state, is next to impossible because not all states record or report their ccw numbers. Some states have constitutional concealed carry and thus it's impossible to know how many out there are taking advantage of that. What we do know is that some select counties and states are reporting record turn-outs for CCW applications. Concealed Carry training classes are filling up like crazy and people are earnestly taking to heart the concept that they may just be their own best first-line of defense.

In this article, we'll go over some of the reasons we believe CCW permits are on the rise and why those gains won't be going away any time soon.

Campus Concealed Carry And Rising Female CCW Applicants

concealed carry on university campus

Just this past year, more states have allowed concealed carry on college and university campuses. For those unfamiliar, the Bureau of Justice Statistics is a government run agency that reports hard numbers of crime statistics. According to the BLS, sexual offenders are sentenced an average of 90-120 months but actually serve closer to 40 to 60 months (3.3 to 5 years).

That's not a lot of time considering the amount of damage they do. Women are increasingly realizing that the justice system provides laughably little protection for a woman who follows the right course. And especially for women on campus, who are increasingly targeted and under-report incidences of sexual assault and rape, a firearm could just be the difference between being a victim and being a survivor.

The Elderly And Home Defense

concealed carry for elderly

It's no hidden fact that burglars go out of their way to target the elderly. Most burglaries, according to BLS analysis, occur by someone familiar with the home. This may be a relative. It may be someone who just stops by to mow the grass or take out the garbage. And in many cases, it's likely someone who knows someone who stops by and knows the home is occupied with elderly residents. It's awful to think about but if you put your shoes on the reverse for just a minute or two – you see how this plays out. And many elderly people do, too. They earned their home and their right to live in it without being victimized. That's why we see more and more senior citizens carrying concealed.

People Who Live In High Crime Areas

concealed carry as a crime deterrent

For those that live in safe, suburban neighborhoods with gated communities and a neighborhood watch – the reality of high crime inner city conditions is somewhat abstract. However, for those living in areas that have been terribly plagued by violent crime – Milwaukee, outskirts of Chicago, Detroit and other places – sometimes the only safe bet is to be armed yourself. While CCW trends reflect more than just this subset of the population, it's none the less just as important to note that for those who know the fear of armed, violent robbery and drive-by shootings, carrying concealed just makes sense.

So, as you can see, the rise in concealed carry permits isn't just from people who the anti-gun politicos claim. It's a reflection of the general uncertainty many of us are plagued with. We can't all be martial arts, kung-fu masters. Most average people just need to make it home safe from work. And when that becomes increasingly risky, a concealed carry handgun may just be the difference.


About The Author

James England (@sir_jim_england) is the contributing editor for Alien Gear Holsters. He is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and private defense contracting in Afghanistan.