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Don't Put Concealed Carry On Autopilot

Not everyone has the freedom to choose an ideal schedule. Whether it's working long hours at a place that doesn't allow concealed carry or a busy school schedule on a "gun free" campus – there's plenty of situations that promote putting concealed carry on autopilot.

Don't put ccw on autopilot. In this article, we'll go over 5 ways to keep concealed carry fresh, interesting, and relevant.

#5: Commit To Daily Carry

The easiest way to keep concealed carry relevant is making a stern commitment to carry everyday. It's not always convenient, fun, or easy – but it's important. Even if your schedule takes you to places where it's not feasible to carry your CCW handgun, make accommodations to do it anyways. If you have to, lock it up in a secure container in your vehicle or find some way to keep that gun a part of your regular life.

#4: Carry Comfortably

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A lot of concealed carriers report a decline in interest for carrying everyday because of the method they're using to carry. If your concealed carry holster is uncomfortable, you're liable to want to remove it.

If you can do just those four basic things comfortably, you're more likely to keep your handgun on you throughout the day – and that's important! We never know when adversity will rear its ugly head.

#3: Mix Up Gun Training

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If you find yourself falling asleep at the range, if plugging holes in paper targets just isn't your thing – you probably need to mix it up a little. That's a great idea in general. Try taking an advanced pistol course through an instructor. Not only will it mix up your ccw training routine, it will break you out of complacency and potentially bad habits formed by it. You may even end up meeting other concealed carriers and finding new ways to challenge each other.

#2: Practice Situational Awareness

The biggest thing you'll hear people who don't carry concealed say is, "why do you need a gun?"

People who tend to think carrying a handgun is a silly idea should take a look at these ccw videos of real life incidents. There's not a day that goes by where you won't spot the potential for a situation that may require you to defend yourself or your family. Practicing situational awareness can remind you of the importance of carrying everyday and also reinforce the need to avoid unnecessary confrontation.

#1: Accountability With Another Concealed Carrier

concealed carry accountability

If one of your friends or close family members also carries concealed, make a commitment to one another to keep each other accountable. Whether it's staying on top of monthly firearms maintenance or remembering to get out to the range and practice – having others who share similar ideas of what it means to responsibly carry can reinforce and improve upon your practice. Plus, you may just be the motivation needed by someone else to carry everyday.

James England

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James England (@sir_jim_england) is the contributing editor for Alien Gear Holsters. He is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and private defense contracting in Afghanistan.