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Concealed Carry On Halloween: Tips, Tricks And Costume Ideas

Some of you guys and ghouls (sorry) are going to be heading out either with the kiddos or for some adult revelry, but what exactly is the protocols as far as concealed carry on Halloween? The short answer is most of the stuff you already know applies, but there are a few things to know.

So, let's go ahead and dive in. We'll cover the dos and dont's, and while we're at it, some fantastic costume ideas that are great for concealing and carrying while being festive!

Concealed Carry While Trick-Or Treating

concealed carry trick or treating

So, you're taking the kids trick-or-treating...concealed carry is a good idea. They need to be protected in case the worst should occur and so do you.

If you aren't dressing up, then conceal and carry as normal. You'll likely be wearing a jacket, so you'll want to observe all the same rules, tips, tricks, procedures and so on with carrying under layers such as when concealed carrying in winter.

Additionally, there are a few tips beyond the obvious regarding gear and concealment.

Avoid any known bad neighborhoods and especially after dark. Places where drug and alcohol abuse are more common should be steered clear of if at all possible.

Carry a good flashlight. The more lumens, the better. The wider the beam, the better. A headlamp may make you look like a dork, but they are inscrutably practical.

Make sure that if you are accompanying your children, they stay relatively close to you. If at all possible, wear high-visibility clothing.

Make sure that your cell phone is charged before heading out the door. If your kids are old enough to have one, make sure they know how to call emergency services and when it's appropriate to do so. Believe it or not, one of the best tools for your personal safety is - in the end - your phone. You can call for help and even navigate urban areas if you have a good enough connection.

Home Security While Trick Or Treating

home security

If you're heading out for the evening or staying in on Halloween, there are some home security tips to be aware of as well. Believe it or not, property crimes such as vandalism, theft and home invasions are more common on Halloween than on any other holiday (almost any other day of the year) and thus you should be prepared.

Some people wonder if they should leave the lights off, so as to deter any trick-or-treaters getting terribly disappointed. Nothing worse than the look on a little one's face when you tell them you don't have any candy for them when they took some time to look cool.

One of the best deterrents against potential thieves or vandals is a well-lit exterior. Trick-or-treaters can be deterred by a tasteful sign, just don't advertise that nobody's home if that's the case.

Make sure that doors and windows are securely locked, and any items like bicycles and so on are put away.

Concealed Carry And Halloween Parties

ccw halloween

Just like any other time of year, you can imbibe in some adult beverages or you can concealed carry. Pick one.

Drinking and carrying, handling or otherwise being around firearms is inherently unsafe. Let's say a hypothetical person shoots and kills an attacker in self-defense after they'd had a few. Unless the evidence is so overwhelming that the shoot was perfectly justified under every single letter of the law - which is not as common as you'd think - a DA is going to get involved.

So, if you're going to attend any Halloween parties whilst carrying - in costume or otherwise - you're the DD or don't be packing.

Halloween Costumes and Concealed Carry

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