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Do You Feel More Confident While Carrying Concealed?

This article is mostly a big question for our regular readers:

Between the moment you first received your permit and became a daily carrier, have you noticed a change in your personality as a result?

Here's a couple things we've pulled from the concealed carry process.

The Peace Of Mind Of Being Quietly Armed

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As opposed to being an open carrier where the firearm becomes a centerpiece for discussion, the concealed carrier goes about his or her business without hardly a notice from the general population.

Walking through the aisles of a grocery store or just strolling down the street, many concealed carriers report a sense of peace and security. Maybe it's the firearm or maybe it's the fact that the person has a modicum of control in an actual self-defense situation? You tell us in the comments.

With Great Responsibility – Discipline Is A Must

Being an armed citizen means you have the capacity to instantly defend yourself and others from vicious attacks. This ability comes with a responsibility: using that firearm only in lawful self-defense and with respect to the fundamentals of firearm safety. Many concealed carriers regularly train and practice with their concealed carry pistols and revolvers to ensure that their skills remain in-line with their capacity to use the firearm.

What good is a concealed carrier if he can't reliably use his firearm? What's the use in defending your life if you're the biggest threat to it by poor marksmanship and bad habits? Have you practiced drawing from a gun holster?

This is why we train...

Learning Through Teaching Gun Safety

When we learn something, we're in the great position to pass that knowledge on to others. But the funny thing, by teaching others what we've learned – we've reinforced pieces of that information in ourselves. Sometimes by engaging in discussion or demonstrating a particular principle of shooting, we inadvertently jog our minds to consider how it could be done better.

The concealed carrier that takes the opportunity to engage in responsible conversations about firearms is only making it easier for him to be more educated. Never a bad thing.

Working Through Responsible CCW Scenarios

A facet of carrying a concealed firearm and training is working out self-defense situations in a responsible and controlled manner. Those who don't carry, don't think about it the same way. If you're in the supermarket, you're watching the cashier but you're also watching people coming and going. When you train, you take those observations with you and develop regimented training drills to help you stay alive in a self-defense encounter.

Supporting The Second Amendment

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In an age where arguably every amendment of the Bill of Rights is arguably being subverted, the Second Amendment truly is our core capacity to lawfully defend ourselves. By being a daily carrier, you are engaging in that right and bringing its importance center mass.

Rights are only as good as those who demand them. Carrying a concealed firearm is a statement on how you believe the 2nd Amendment is a core principle of liberty in the United States.

How do you feel your daily carrying of a concealed firearm has improved or changed your character? Tell us about it in the comments section.


About The Author

James England (@count_england) is the contributing editor for Alien Gear Holsters. He is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and private defense contracting in Afghanistan for L-3 Communications. He presently lives in New Hampshire where he advocates for veterans issues through the Veterans of Foreign Wars.