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Concealed carry on university campuses

concealed carry on university campus

Many colleges and campuses across the United States have seen tragedy after tragedy unfold as active shooters enter from any number of avenues – classrooms, dormitories, cafeterias, libraries – and proceed to cause untold amounts of grief and sadness. While state run campuses have placed an increased focus on reaction drills for campus police forces, there is still major concerns that students and faculty are left woefully unprepared to handle an active shooting crisis.

This is one of the reasons why Students for Concealed Carry on Campus (SCCC) began. A non-profit group pushing for legislative change to allow properly permitted students and faculty to maintain a concealed firearm on their person while on campus, the organization has seen increased buy-in from states such as Indiana.

Indiana Leading the Push and Joining the CC Pack

The Hoosier state legislature has just introduced House Bill 1143 which prevents any state agency or state-supported property from regulating who can concealed carry with a proper permit. If it passes the house and heads to the governor's desk, it would mark a monumental shift in the political view of whether or not students and faculty should be allowed to exercise their second amendment rights at school.

According to the SCCC spokesman, events such as the Virginia Tech incident in 2007 have forced educators and legislators to re-examine the issue of who can and can't be allowed to maintain a firearm. If Indiana joins this recent political movement, it will be aligning with seven other states which have similar laws on their books: Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Oregon, Utah and Washington.

Women Leading the Push for Increased Concealed Carry

Opponents of this recent shift in law, such as the Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (MDAGSA), tout that this would force campuses to allow firearms. The real faulty premise is that the opposition is using female figures as spokespeople – assuming there aren't plenty of women who are indeed in favor of being able to carry their firearm onto campus.

The Texas Department of Public Safety recently proudly announced in a press release that a record number of women were now applying for their concealed carry permits. Jay Temple, a concealed carry instructor in Texas commented that this was indicative of women feeling the need to be more independent. With a concealed carry firearm, some may feel less vulnerable to attack or simply more reliant upon their skills as a marksman instead of waiting for another's help.

Worth noting in this discussion is that campuses wouldn't be forced to allow firearms – concealed or not. Only schools which are operating on state-owned property and have state agencies working on them would be forced to accept properly permitted concealed carriers on their campuses. Additionally, the concealed carry permit process in Indiana and other states already mandates that the permit must be shown upon request by law enforcement.

Do you think concealed carry firearms should be allowed on public college campuses?
Would you feel comfortable attending a lecture with a professor wearing an inside the waistband concealed carry holster?

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