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Concealed Carry vs. Open Carry - CCW Wins 2015

You're carrying a firearm, you're a law-abiding citizen, and you're practicing your 2nd Amendment right. The intricacies of which carry method is better is largely dictated on your own personal habits, your state's laws, and how visible you wish your ccw to be in your environment. Whether it's the brave actions of a 50 year old Detroit resident fighting off armed robbers or a Milwaukee sporting goods shop owner opening fire on armed thugs breaking down his front door – there's victories all around in the field of law-abiding citizens practicing their 2nd Amendment rights.

The year is not up, yet, but we're going ahead and showcasing some of the big victories for both causes concealed carry and open carry that happened this year – namely Texas and how they've pushed both issues to the forefront.

Texas' Concealed Carry Wins Of 2015

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Texas Gives The A-OK For Concealed Carry On Public Campuses

Texas legislature passed a bill that will enable public university students to carry their concealed firearms onto campus. While restrictions still exist and university administrators can still restrict carriage in some locations – this major change to the law is a great step forward for the concealed carry on campus cause.

Texas' Open Carry Wins Of 2015

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Texas Finally Overturns Old 19th Century Law Forbidding Open Carry

A definite step in the right direction – along with the concealed carry on campus provisions – Texans now can open carry with a concealed carry permit.

Okay, Now The Downsides

Open Carry has stirred unnecessarily high amounts of controversy because it seems a vast group of people in this country don't understand how firearms and law work. It's an unfortunate case in both St. Louis when citizens marched with openly carried firearms. They had to run into static from city authorities who refused to acknowledge that the zoo – of all places – constitutes a public-owned park and is thus legal to carry firearms in.

And there's that case down in Georgia where a guy walked into the Hartfield-Jackson International Airport with his AR-15. That ended in Georgia legislature quickly moving to ban that type of activity.

Unnecessary? You bet.

With all of these incidents, it becomes increasingly clear that concealed carry rustles the least amount of feathers. Does it mean it's better? No. But it does mean that it prevents ignorant people from freaking out when they see you with a firearm. It also means that criminals don't know to target you when they see your firearm on you.

In the end, whichever you decide should suit your personal carry style and reflect your desire to be seen or unseen as someone with a firearm. There's no right answer other than the one that works best for you.

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