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Conceal Carry Firearms Are The First Line Of Defense

concealed carry for self defense

On March 22nd, an argument that started in a West Philadelphia barber shop turned unexpectedly violent when a forty year old man drew his pistol and opened fire indiscriminately. Barbers, kids, and bystanders were quickly drawn into the line of fire. An unidentified man to whom authorities have identified as a legally permitted concealed carrier, quickly responded to the sound of shots fired. With one well placed hit to the chest, he brought the entire rampage to a dead standstill. The development of this story can be read best through NBC Philadelphia – here.

While authorities are still withholding the name of the man who came to the rescue, certainly it highlights the importance of proper firearms training and the advantage of having concealed carry permit holders in the community.

Every single person who registers a concealed carrier permit takes that personal responsibility to defend himself from armed aggressors. However, make no mistake – those who conceal carry firearms are often the first line of defense against wanton aggression. The big question is – are the right people getting the attention?

Disconnect Between Politics and Safety

Even when great stories – like this one out of Philly – take national headlines, they often have to combat a glut of media coverage on policy advocates and opponents using political fodder to justify one or the other.

Caught in the middle is often regular, normal people just looking for information on concealed carry and whether it's the right move to go for a concealed carry permit. Believe it or not – there's a surprising stigma against it!

This brings up an important question: what is concealed carry culture and why is there a stigma associated with it?

What is Concealed Carry Culture?

Quite simply – it's a culture of gun safety. In a country where we are bound to uphold an unalienable right to bear arms, it's central pivot is around firearms training, knowledge, and safety practices. Because when you are called up to use your firearm, do you want to debate with the safety or the magazine?

More importantly, concealed carriers often show an incredible amount of restraint. In a previously mentioned case in Florida where a concealed carrier was assaulted because his attacker didn't understand the legal backing of a concealed carry permit. Did he demonstrate unsafe behavior? Perhaps poor judgment because he got spotted placing his concealed carry handgun into his pistol holster. But at no point in time did that concealed carrier threaten or intimate aggression.

So here the community is – split between trying to maintain their own personal safety with maintaining a concealed carry firearm and actually having verifiable news of how that resulted in stopping a horrifying scenario from spiraling further out of control.

What are some of the central tenets you believe comprise the concealed carry community? What are some of the traits you share with your fellow concealed carry enthusiasts? Do you feel any stigma whatsoever is justified?
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James England (@sir_jim_england) is the contributing editor for Alien Gear Holsters. He is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and private defense contracting in Afghanistan.