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concealed carry wins 2015

Major Concealed Carry Victories in 2015

We're only half way through 2015 and it's already shaping up to be a monumental win for concealed carriers. In this article, we're going to go through some of the major CCW wins this thus far in 2015.

Texas – Campuses Are No Longer Gun Free

concealed carry wins texas 2015

Just because a sign says “gun free” doesn't mean a criminal heeds it. And that's why Texas is now poised to accept a new wave of faculty and students whom are eligible to take their concealed carry firearms on campus!. This bill was signed into law recently by Gov. Greg Abbott. While many private universities and colleges can decide how they want to implement this legislation, public universities will be forced to adopt it.

But it's not all push and shove. University administrators are currently working with the law to find a suitable balance between academic learning and self-defense. What do you think: Should we arm our teachers?

Wisconsin Nixes Mandatory Wait Times

ccw wins 2015 wisconsin

Wait times used to be necessary in order to check background reports. Back in the day when that information was relayed by fax or the systems in place were extremely slow, residents from Wisconsin would have to wait up to 48 hours to obtain their recently purchased firearm. Well, wait no more. Gov. Scott Walker signed a new law into effect that eliminates wait times for firearm purchases.

Another bill, signed the same day, allows off-duty and retired police officers to bring their concealed carry firearm with them when they go onto school campuses. Prior to that, only on-duty police officers were allowed. Supporters of this measure say it will act as yet another deterrent for would-be criminals.

Maine Becomes The Sixth State To Go Permitless

concealed carry victories in 2015

July 8th marked a great occasion for constitutional carry supporters. Maine became the sixth state to go permitless for its concealed carriers. As the law stands, anyone who can legally own and carry a pistol or revolver is allowed to conceal it without a permit. That makes Maine the second state in New England and yet another in a growing trend of doing away with the concealed carry application process. Residents would still need to obtain a permit in order to travel to other states with concealed carry reciprocity.

Kansas On The Heels Of Maine

wins for concealed carriers in 2015

Signed into law by Gov. Sam Brownback, Kansas now allows concealed carry to all its residents who can legally own and carry a gun to do so without a permit. As long as the resident stays within the state, he or she can carry a firearm in a concealed manner. In order to leave the state with a concealed carry firearm, a Kansas resident still needs to undergo training. The permitting process is still in place, it is just unnecessary.

For out-of-state residents, though, they will still need to bring their concealed carry permit and ensure their state has reciprocity with Kansas. Still, another step closer to opening up to national reciprocity for constitutional carry.

Have you heard of any big wins for concealed carriers that we missed? Tell us about them in the comments section below!

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