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Kansas Senate Passes Constitutional Carry

constitutional concealed carry in kansas

It's looking like the concept of Constitutional Carry is beginning to gain plenty of traction in states across the Union as Kansas passed their permitless concealed carry bill through the Senate. While gun rights advocates claim that this is a great step forward in allowing residents to conceal carry a pistol, there is still plenty of contention amongst political groups opposed to the bill.

When Kansas finally pushes SB 45 across Governor Sam Brownback's desk in the coming weeks, this state is expected to join a growing number which allow residents to carry a concealed firearm on their person without a permit. Those states – such as Alaska, Arizona, Wyoming, and Vermont – are exceptions to the political quagmire of differing reciprocity laws for concealed carry permit holders.

However, Kansas doesn't seem to be alone in this recent push. States such as New Hampshire, West Virginia, Maine and Idaho are all looking at permitless concealed carry permits of their own.

Constitutional Carry Granted in New Hampshire

SB 116, in connection with HB 582, has officially reached the desk of Governor Maggie Hassan. With distinct reservations, she has made no comment to this point as to whether she would attempt to veto the two bills. At present, with the Republicans maintaining a solid majority in both the house and senate, they have already established essentially a veto-proof blockade on the measure.

If New Hampshire joined Vermont in permitless concealed carry measures, it would make relations with southern New England neighbor Massachusetts a bit more tense as this is one of the few states to ardently remain a May Permit concealed carry permitting state.

Permitless Concealed Carry Pushes Forward in West Virginia

SB 347 has passed the West Virginian Senate and is expected to be deliberated in a House committee. Governor Earl Ray Tomblin, a democrat, appears supportive of gun rights in his state. Recently, he enacted measures restricting a municipality's ability to regulate the sale, distribution and when and where people may carry them. If for some reason the House passes the bill and he then vetoes it, the House and Senate do not have enough leeway to override – unlike New Hampshire.

Maine Claws Its Way Towards Permitless Concealed Carry

Senator Eric Brakley has recently introduced another effort to allow permitless concealed carry in the state of Maine. After failing in 2013 and 2014, the senator appears hopeful that with a new House and Senate that the third time may certainly be the charm. If Maine were to join the likes of Vermont and New Hampshire, it's expected to be quite an interesting upset for political groups which have tried to restrict and tacitly undermine the concept of constitutional carry in New England. Leftovers would be Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island – all adamantly opposed at present.

Idaho Plants the Seeds for Constitutional Carry

With the introduction of HB 89 in the Idaho House of Representatives being stuck in committee, it's uncertain at present whether or not Idaho will join the growing legion of states which allow Constitutional Carry.

Will one day we be able to travel across the country with a concealed carry firearm in an inside the waistband or outside the waistband concealed carry holster – free from worry or doubt? Perhaps 2015 will become that pivotal year where that becomes possible.

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