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Problems Concealed Carriers Don't Have

There's 99 problems a concealed carrier has to face when going out in town and this article is dedicated to none of them. We're going over all the ways having your concealed carry handgun in an inside the waistband holster avoids unnecessary interactions with others.

Getting Your Gun Taken

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If you're carrying concealed, nobody knows you're carrying. This comes in extremely handy if you get mugged or robbed. While everyone is checking wallet, cellphone, there's a good chance they'll miss your concealed carry handgun. Now, this isn't a guarantee – but it's a whole lot less likely than if you're open carrying.

“Nice Gun, Bro”

Nobody is walking up to you and trying to talk to you about your gun outside of the range or training. For those who eschew needless social commentary from strangers, this is a blessing. No one is going to say, “wow, you decided to go with a pink Beretta PX4 Storm?”

Okay... Maybe that's just something I enjoy not talking about.

“That Dude Has A Gun”

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While you're in a convenience store, you're picking up your soda or a pack of gum and no one is the wiser your concealed carry handgun is sitting in an inside the waistband holster. This is pretty awesome for a number of reasons. Reason number one is that if a bad guy is thinking about making a big scene, he doesn't know you're an armed concealed carrier.

“Why Do You Carry A Gun?”

Your personal decision to take measures to protect your life are no one's business except your own. If you're open carrying, people may see it as an invitation to debate some aspect of the ethics or morals behind self-defense. If you live for those types of conversations, more power to you. If you just want to conduct your daily business without getting criticized, concealed carry definitely wins.

“Don't Pick On Me, My Friend Has A Gun”

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Ever see two people having an argument and then one runs behind the coat tails of another stronger, bigger person to protect him? That's something you'll hopefully never have to deal with. Why? Because those people don't know you have a gun – and you definitely don't want to be mixed up in their antics.

“Hey Bro, You Can't Carry Here” (Even Though You Can)

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Some people who feel strongly about guns – namely that no one should have them – may feel inspired by seeing a visible gun to make up laws and cause commotion. Are you so familiar with the law as to recite it to an imbecile questioning your right to defend your life? Well, concealed carriers don't have to. They just need to be cognizant of the law to know when and where they can carry and after that – nobody knows so nobody asks.

Being Ready At Moment's Notice – Without Any Notice

The biggest and best reasons to be a concealed carrier is the ability to respond instantaneously to a deadly threat without informing your attacker that you're armed and prepared to defend your life. You concealing your handgun versus displaying it openly can be the difference in milliseconds between turning and firing on an attacker. What the bad guys can't see can hurt them.

James England

About The Author

James England (@sir_jim_england) is the contributing editor for Alien Gear Holsters. He is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and private defense contracting in Afghanistan.