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Be prepared with conceal carry - CCW can save your life

In today's world, a false sense of security is more widespread than the common cold. We hear “I thought it would never happen to me!” frequently when someone experiences a horrible situation.

The truth is, horrible things happen often, even in communities with low crime rates that are considered statistically safe.

Criminals are everywhere, and those criminals make decisions that are out of our control. Being prepared for a bad situation is in our control, but that doesn't always guarantee an outcome in our favor.

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Making the decision to purchase a weapon, learning how to use the weapon effectively, and participating in high-stress training are in our control. These three things paired with situational awareness can save lives and prevent horrid situations from unfolding. Unpreparedness is simply a recipe for disaster.

On a weekly basis I read about people buying guns after they have been robbed, assaulted, or attacked. I even read a recent article about a female that purchased a small handgun after being raped. The attacker attempted a second time, and luckily for her, she had her gun this time.

What if these people were already daily carriers that were well trained, and well aware of their surroundings at all times. Well, many different scenarios could have played out, but we will never know because they didn't own a gun at the time.

Some of these people that we read about already own guns, but they leave them locked away where they are out of reach when they truly need them.

You may have read about the elderly women that were robbed recently while defenseless which resulted in the formation of a gun group focused on handgun competency among women for self defense. “The three main goals of the group: education, training, and competence.” (article) The women are currently focused on stationary shooting at the moment and plan to expand to more tactical shooting (moving targets). I believe that groups like these will help Americans protect their lives and wellbeing.

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About two years ago, I was one of the unarmed and unprepared Americans. My Fiance and I were living in Portland Oregon at the time. She was targeted as a victim by gang members which eventually led to death threats.

She was so scared at the time, she didn't even tell me my life was at risk.

A message came in one night on my Fiances phone- “We know where you live, we are coming to kill you and your boyfriend.” I immediately called law enforcement and moved to a different location that night.

The next morning, I bought my first handgun. It was a Full Size S&W M&P 45ACP. I picked up some Hornady Critical Defense rounds to accompany it. Luckily, no gang members actually attempted to kill us; it was all talk, but still scary to say the least. If they had actually found us and began their attempt at slaying us, I don't think I would have been able to defend my fiance or myself. I owned the handgun, but I had never shot a gun larger than a pellet gun, not even a 22.

I wish someone would have put it into perspective for me, just like I intend to do with this article- to give the gift of a different perspective.

I was unprepared, untrained, and just plain stupid at the time. I had no idea what I was doing.

I now go to the shooting range whenever possible, take defensive classes and incorporate moving targets, pain tolerance, and stress tolerance. The last two things I want to be are an irresponsible gun owner, and a victim. It's also worth nothing that having a  comfortable concealed carry holster  will make concealed carry a whole lot easier to get used to.

My advice to you is: Don't wait to train and hone your skills. If you do, it could result in the loss of a life, extensive jail time, and negative press targeted towards responsible gun owners.

It could be too late when it really counts. I didn't have the opportunity to learn about firearms growing up, and neither did my fiance. The best thing you can do for the people you love is to teach them how to be responsible with guns, how to use them properly, and how to deal with threats under extreme stress. I am now a responsible gun owner, and I will never turn back.

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Douglas Copenspire is a creative that is employed by Alien Gear Holsters. He has lived all over the Pacific Northwest resulting in city living and the opposite end of the spectrum, living in national forests. His hobbies include: Writing, Firearms, Audio Production, Graphic Design, Illustration, and anything else that gets the creative juices flowing.