Alien Gear Holster Review Video by Fire Mountain Outdoors

Fire Mountain Outdoors reviewed the Cloak Tuck 2.0 IWB holster, analyzing factors like holster components, retention, neoprene backing and the Iron Clad Triple Guarantee.

He said the guarantee is comprehensive and keeps the customer in mind, no questions asked.

“Don’t like the way it smells? Send it back. They’ll give you your money back -- they’re not going to question you,” he said.

The product’s retention was also a matter of discussion, with the Fire Mountain Outdoors reviewer, who’s owned the prior generation of the Cloak Tuck, holding the holster upside down with his Kimber Pro Shadow Limited Edition II secured within it.

Being shaken upside down while talking, the handgun remained secure in the holster.

Fire Mountain Outdoors spoke about the upgrades and advances Alien Gear Holsters have incorporated into the production process, noting the shape of the molded shell extends just beyond the barrel for added security.

Those holster shells are also swappable with any of the prior or current iterations of Alien Gear holsters.

The holster clips and belt loops were also a matter of discussion. He brought up how he enjoys the strong, low-profile hold of the loops, but that he’s also interested in trying the tuckable options.

The reviewer wore shorts in summer weather while testing out the product. Walking, running and jumping in the summer heat, he noted that his wallet gave more sag in his shorts than the holster itself.

The neoprene provided a comfortable hug on the body that safeguarded against any slippage on the holster.

In the reviewer’s opinion, the Cloak Tuck 2.0 is “flippin’ ridiculous” and renders the first generation Cloak Tuck obsolete, but noted to keep it and enjoy the leather, have been formed to the body after use.

He gave reliability, warranty and construction perfect scores.

Alien Gear Holsters hand crafts each holster specifically for the individual who ordered it.

He said ordering an Alien Gear holster is not like going to a restaurant and having an item just like every other, but that each option is created with the individual owner in mind.