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What The Alien Gear Gun Belt Brings To The Table

The gun belt phenomena is nothing new to the market for concealed and open carriers. While many new concealed carriers entering into this world for the first time may not understand the significance in investing in a proper gun belt, this article will bring to light all the reasons why gun belts are essential – and the benefits of owning a good gun belt for yourself.

Steel Reinforced Gun Belts Last Longer - Tested, Tried, And True

gun belts with steel core

Spring-steel core acts as the reinforcing layer in the Alien Gear Gun Belt. We found it to be such a great addition to the Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Inside the Waistband concealed carry holster that it only made sense to add it as a reinforcing layer in this model of gun belt. Is it overkill? We don't think so. And here's why:

Do you want a gun belt that will last you ten years or do you want a gun belt that warps, deforms, and falls apart within two?

This seems like a pretty simple question on the surface, but when the folks at Alien Gear were engineering this gun belt, they made it performance-ready and with the carrier in mind.

Reinforcing layers between thick, high-quality leather is just one added step to ensuring something Alien Gear makes lasts the duration. It's one of the reasons why spring-steel was added to the Cloak Tuck 3.0 and it's definitely become a great addition to the Alien Gear Holsters line of gun belts.

Two Layers Of Genuine English Bridle Leather

leather gun belts

This isn't some cheap leather right off the discount rack. Each piece of English bridle leather used in a gun belt is designed to withstand an incredible amount of abuse and keep true to form. It's not just about staying ahead of the competition – it's about delivering a quality product that's guaranteed to last. That's something central to all our products and we definitely wanted to show that off with this gun belt.

Using no less than 14 oz. English bridle leather, we bring it all together with military grade thread (Tex 270). That means this belt is engineered to handle long days on the road and on the trail. It's meant to be a top-to-bottom solution for keeping any firearm properly holstered and aligned with the waistline.

Corrosion Resistance – Because Your Belt Should Outlast The Elements

good gun belts

While we all hope for sunny, clear days and mild temperatures – reality doesn't always deliver. Whether sifting through the muck or getting caught out in a gale, these belts are resistant to rust and corrosion. We even incorporated nickel-plating into the roller, so getting the belt notched properly will never be an issue.

And lastly...

Craftsmanship Never Wavers

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We've put a lot of thought and work into building what we believe is the perfect gun belt. It's made tough and it's meant to take a beating. But that doesn't mean we're going to cheap out on our triple edge finishing. It's why we put so much focus on our craftsmen. Those who work with these quality leather products put the time and attention into them that they deserve. Each belt has a well honed bevel, burnish, painted edges to ensure no fraying or digging into the waistline.

Good, clean craftsmanship and top quality materials – that's what every gun-owner deserves when putting on a belt or a holster. And we feel we've brought that to the table with the Alien Gear Gun Belt.

James England

About The Author

James England (@sir_jim_england) is the contributing editor for Alien Gear Holsters. He is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and private defense contracting in Afghanistan.