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The Importance of Handgun Training

Law enforcement officials have a hit rate of about 15 percent with handguns. This means that the best trained professionals miss the bad guys 85 percent of the time. What does this mean for you? How can you match up with a threat when you hardly have time for handgun training?

Let's say you just purchased a S&W.

In an ordinary day you go to work, shop for groceries, manage finances, take care of the kids and maybe even go to school. There's little time to maintain a consistent training schedule. The problem is you need this training. Firearm training keeps you safe and ensures your new investment isn't a waste. The question is, how much handgun training is needed?

We recommend you go to a handgun training facility at least two times a year. After that, visit a firing range at least two times a month to handle handguns by yourself and learn how you respond to firearms. Let's see how you can always fit handgun training into your life.

smith and wesson pistol for concealed carry and handgun training

Make Your Scant Training Opportunities Worth It

Congrats, you bought a handgun. It's really not a huge accomplishment until you learn to use it. Your schedule doesn't allow for it, and there are limited opportunities to walk out into your backyard and fire off rounds. In my experience most neighbors don't enjoy gunfire while they read the morning paper.

This means you have to take advantage of training opportunities given to you. Let's say you setup a time every two months to learn the basics and understand how to abide by concealed carry laws.

One mistake many people make is they don't properly simulate dangerous situations. You can't always train for the perfect simulation, but wearing the proper clothing and tools is key.

The best training for a middle linebacker is during the preseason where plays are full speed and they tackle people with pads on.

You can't practice shooting real people, but there are plenty of situational components to focus on. If you usually wear an untucked shirt then do this while at the range. If you plan on walking around with a holster, bring it along to practice how quickly you can pull the handgun out.

Find Training Facilities That Keep You Coming Back

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It's weird to think you actually want a company sending you information on a regular basis. I usually hate when my cable company calls or emails me. Handgun training is different. It's like a personal trainer. You might get annoyed, but it's better when they push you to learn more.

Some training facilities don't cut it. You want a facility that sends you promotional emails and free information to keep you coming back. You need to test the waters to find the best trainers.

Checkout the NRA Training page, or search "handgun training (your area)" on Google for local options. Cabela's also provides nationwide training. Obviously you want folks who teach basics on concealed carry laws and firearm tactics, but it's important to find training facilities that keep pushing.

It's the annoying fitness trainer that gets you a six-pack. It's also the annoying training facility that refines your shot.

Don’t Shoot Your Wallet in Half

Start your training regimen by learning for free. Youtube offers numerous training videos and a quick search online will also uncover numerous websites that offer free training videos

Learn how to assemble, hold and carry handguns, and then move onto physical training. The more you learn before going into your training, the easier classes are. While other people are asking questions on how to hold the gun you are asking questions on the best concealment holsters and how to use them.

Shoot Like a Kid

Like stated above, price is a huge factor for handgun training. Firing range rates are right up there with pricey golf courses, and ammunition drains your wallet too. It sounds strange, but a great way to practice with your handgun is to learn from kids in the neighborhood. Buy airsoft handgun replicas, which are quite realistic nowadays, and airsoft BBs are dirt cheap.  

You can practice shooting your airsoft handgun in the backyard or garage. Unlike most shooting ranges, you can place your handgun in the holster and practice drawing. This simulates real life situations, instead of having your gun drawn at all times.

Are your shooting chops as fresh as you think they are? Let us know in the comments how you tone your shooting muscles with a hectic schedule.

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