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5 Steps To Buying A Holster That Works For You

Not everyone is satisfied by a cheap nylon holster and not every concealed carrier needs an uncomfortable bulky monstrosity hanging off his shoulder. If you fall into the middle somewhere, you're probably looking for a specific type of gun holster that meets your everyday carry needs. In this article, we'll discuss five easy steps to identifying that perfect ccw holster that will work for you.

Step 1: Map Out Your Typical Day

concealed carry and driving

If you are an everyday carrier, chances are good you have a routine. Whether it's taking the kids to school in the morning followed by a shift at work, or it's a long day of driving ahead, you should take an honest assessment of your daily activities. This will help you select a holster that's more closely suited with your concealed carry needs.

Homework: Map out your daily routine and select the part of your waistline where a holster would be most naturally situated.

Step 2: Find What's Comfortable For You

comfortable gun holster

If you drive a lot in a day, you're in the seated position for a lengthy period of time. You may find a cross-draw configuration is more comfortable than a traditional 3 o'clock carry. You may also find that even though you like appendix carry a lot, it is not suited to your daily routine. This will help you not only find the specific holster you're looking for – one that can easily adjust along your waistline and has a comfortable neoprene backpad – but also adjust your training to suit it.

Homework: Find a concealed carry holster that has a comfortable neoprene backpad that reduces stress on your waistline for sitting and standing.

Step 3: Identify A Holster That Fits This Profile

Once you've identified where you can conveniently carry and what you can comfortably carry, the next step is finding the holster that meets certain criteria.

    This holster should have the following characteristics:
  • High-retention plastic shell that grips the pistol
  • Customized and replaceable shells in case you decide to add a flashlight or laser sights
  • Comfortable neoprene backpad
  • Double clip configuration so you can tuck in your shirt

Believe it or not, you can find a holster that meets your requirements for safety, lifestyle, and comfort without breaking the bank. There is a specific inside the waistband concealed carry holster that hits all these points and more – and it's your key to safe, everyday carry.

Step 4: Wear That Holster Every Day For At Least Two Months

iwb concealed carry holster

Once you've found the holster that you think meets all of these points, your first step is to wear it every day. No breaks, no interruptions – you need an uninterrupted period of time to truly assess and adjust. Maybe what you thought would be comfortable isn't. And perhaps what you thought would be convenient isn't either. Adjusting and adapting to your daily routine is important. Finding a holster that accommodates that is equally important.

Homework: Wear your inside the waistband concealed carry holster every day for at least two months to determine if it's the right configuration for you.

Step 5: Adjust The Holster As Necessary

adjustable holsters

If you wind up carrying every day for years – and we sincerely hope you do – then you're going to find your holster's cant and angle will adjust slightly. If you've gotten a holster that meets all the previous steps, it can also adjust how you train and how you carry on a daily basis. An adjustable cant and angle is also important as you will find different positions on your waistline may require you to grip your pistol differently.

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