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how to get others to carry concealed guns

Getting That Special Someone To Carry Concealed

With the Holiday season already upon us, no doubt many concealed carriers are looking forward to a new year training and practicing with their friends and family. Carrying concealed is definitely a way of life – one that prioritizes safety, responsibility, and the right to self-defense. This holiday season, if you're gearing up to get your significant other into the concealed carry mentality, we have an article detailing all the steps you can take.

Step 1: Concealed Carry Handgun Selection

selecting right gun for you

You have your everyday carry handgun. Your handgun works for you, you place your trust and your life into it – but it may not be ideal for your spouse or significant other. Sure, he or she can use it in a pinch but it may not be what he or she feels comfortable using.

The best way to find out which concealed carry handgun is ideal for your significant other is take them shooting at a range that allows handgun rentals. It's a quick and inexpensive way to try out different styles – from the lavish to the rudimentary. Who knows? Perhaps your wife or husband enjoys the feel of a classic Smith & Wesson .38 Spc police revolver. Maybe they're a Glock fan. Whichever the case, you will be able to see their reaction and interpret that for selecting a handgun fit for their use.

Step 2: Training Requirements

concealed carry training

Many states have mandatory training requirements prior to getting a concealed carry handgun permit. A great gift is sometimes just a certificate for the expense of the class. Even if it's your first Christmas with your girlfriend, showing that you see the future of you two working together can go a long way.

Step 3: The Right CCW Equipment

ccw holster and gun

There's more to carrying everyday than just having a gun. A lot of new concealed carriers will spend a lot of money on the handgun itself and not spare a penny to consider extra magazines and a good mag carrier, a durable concealed carry holster, or even a sturdy gun belt.

If you value the life of the person you want to carry next to, consider gearing him or her up for success with a high quality IWB holster. It's a gift that keeps on giving and it shows you understand their safety needs with a high retention holster that covers the trigger to keep them safe.

Step 4: Make A Commitment To Each Other To Carry Everyday

concealed carry tips for friends

It's a great first step to introducing that special someone to the concealed carry community. A commitment to carrying everyday is a commitment to responsibility and self-defense. No matter how good or proficient you are with your firearms, having someone else on the same page as you means double the firepower.

This may also mean helping her identify times and places when it's not convenient to carrying – like going out dancing or a ladies' night out. These are opportunities to also offer to be the sober, designated carrier in the group. Offering to pick her up after a night out with her girlfriends is a way of showing that your spouse means a lot and you've got each other's backs.

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James England (@sir_jim_england) is the contributing editor for Alien Gear Holsters. He is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and private defense contracting in Afghanistan.