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How to find out if your concealed carry teacher is qualified?

Consistent handgun training is a responsibility when we decide to carry. However, it's not all that reassuring when the people training for concealed carry are the ones that we purchase guns in order to fight against.

Concealed carry training answers many questions about which holsters are the best for quick draws and whether or not you should carry with a bullet in the chamber.

The Chicago Tribune reports that many of the concealed carry instructors in the state of Illinois have checkered pasts.

The article talks about how one trainer was accused of multiple counts of physical abuse, while another paid $1.75 million in order to settle for an excessive force lawsuit.

These questions arise because the people looking for handgun training are common citizens--people with limited training who simply want to go to work, enjoy their lives and carry a handgun to protect themselves. When you give a handgun to a common citizen it raises concerns, but these concerns are often diminished with proper training and care. The only problem is that this training is not always coming from the best sources.

Some people argue that the constant reevaluation of regulations and standards in Illinois is a direct attempt by concealed carry foes to limit the amount of people who carry in the state. Others feel that a person who has a violent past has no business training other people on how to handle firearms.

Since I live in Chicago, this situation is quite close to me, especially considering the recent onslaught of violence the city has seen.

The fact of the matter is, I'd rather have someone training me who has a clean record--someone who I know makes rational decisions and views a handgun as what it is--a dangerous weapon for protecting yourself, not a way to let out your anger or abuse power.

So how do you make sure your concealed carry teacher is qualified and doesn't have a checkered past?

Google Their Name

Take a look at the Chicago Tribune article I sited earlier. It is filled with names of people who you might consider unworthy to train you. If you Google a name and they pop up in an article like this it might be wise to avoid their services.

Inquire at the Court Clerk's Office

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It's almost always public if someone is convicted of a crime in the United States, meaning that you have the right to go to your court clerk's office and ask for any information on a particular person. If you feel strongly about getting the best concealed carry education possible then it might be a good idea to have a look. Keep in mind that some cases are considered closed by judges (usually minor or first time charges) and some people are let off the hook and not convicted.

Let us know in the comments section what you think about the problems Illinois has been facing with its concealed carry teachers. Do you think it's just another way for anti-gun folks to push their beliefs or a serious issue that needs to be addressed?

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