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concealed carry in the real world

Real World Concealed Carry - CCW in Action

You can try all day to explain the actual speed in which a defensive gunfight takes place or you can show it. In this article, we're going to show three examples where concealed carriers and good guys turn the tide against armed, violent criminals. In each case, note how quickly that tide turns – and when it does, the consequences are pretty extreme.

Warning: These ccw videos contain graphic depictions of actual incidences of gun violence. Videos may contain explicit depictions of deadly wounds sustained on behalf of the bad guys – so if that sort of thing bothers you, turn back now.

Video #1: Corner Store Robbery Ended Quick

In this video, you can see how the robber walks in pretty confident things are going to go his way. What he wasn't counting on was the concealed carrier standing right next to him. It's pretty apparent it takes next to no time for a gun fight to go down. In under two seconds, the robber goes from “king of the world” to praying for paramedics to arrive.

Video #2: The Predators Become The Prey

A lot of commonly available videos are taken from Brazil because they have a high rate of violent crime and people are generally easier about sharing their CCTV feeds. In this video, two robbers wearing motorcycle helmets attempt to hold up a store. What they didn't see coming was military police standing right outside. There's one opening volley of three to four shots and one of the robbers is clearly dead at the scene. It's graphic. It's grisly. It's also reality.

Video #3: Carjacking Ends Badly... For The Bad Guy

A common strategy for carjackers and armed robbers is to ambush someone while they're getting into the driver's side of the car. It's pretty simple – the person is generally unprepared to deal with overwhelming force and will likely comply. For this bad guy, though, he picks the wrong car to knock off. In the video, you'll see the concealed carrier bring the gun up to the criminal and the criminal tries to wrestle control over the gun. This does not pay off well. As the surveillance video points out – that first criminal wasn't alone. He had backup. However, after he's shot dead, the second thug gets the picture and heads out while he's still breathing.

In conclusion, a defensive gunfight doesn't take long from start to finish.

This is why it's important to always be prepared and carry everyday. Most gunfights are decided within the first two shots on target. Some people may try to get up or run but that's usually a by-product of the adrenaline rushing through their bodies as their brains try to cope with the fact they're probably going to die. In both cases, it's always good to secure your scene and yourself. Just like in Video 3, you never know if the bad guys have reinforcements waiting just around the corner.

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