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why some people dont practice concealed carry

Pros and Cons Of Concealed Carry

There are both pros and cons of concealed carry. People often cite many reasons why they choose to carry a handgun. While that is fine and dandy, many often do not discuss why they CHOOSE NOT TO carry a handgun. I believe we need to look at both sides of the spectrum and identify the causes and reasoning for both.

Cons of Concealed Carry

There are, to be sure, cons of concealed carry counter to the pros. It isn't for everyone, and for a number of reasons. 'Tis no bed of roses, to be sure, and there are a lot of people who have decided not to carry for any one of the reasons below. Granted, there are also people who choose not to carry for some less practical reasons, and there are also people who legally are not allowed to carry.

Concealed Carry Laws

concealed carry laws

Concealed carry laws are one of the main cons of concealed carry for people wanting to carry a firearm whether openly or concealed. These laws are typically made by some very rich and well connected politicians living in some far off place most have nor will ever visit; Washington D.C. The politicians say that they are creating these laws to protect the public and in the name of fighting crime. This seems reasonable, but only law abiding citizens will follow the law and criminals will still run amok. Criminals don’t abide by laws or have respect for them; hence why they are criminals.


legal consequences

Liability is another main concern for people carrying a firearm or looking into doing so. Even if you beat any criminal charges laid against you (if any), you are still faced with the potential of a criminal suing you in civil court after the fact. But don’t fear! They have insurance for that ... (No, they really do). Most homeowner policies don’t cover shootings even in self-defense but many companies are offering coverage specific to this. The NRA, USCCA, Second Call Defense and Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network offer this type of coverage to name a few.

Concealed Carry is an Inconvenience

Carrying a firearm is also inconvenient. After the first couple of times the “thrill” of carrying disappears and becomes more like a chore. It's certainly one of the cons of concealed carry. Luckily companies have begun to offer smaller firearms to meet your carrying needs. Alien Gear Holsters use a neoprene backing on all IWB concealed carry holsters, which goes a long way to eliminate this inconvenience and make concealed carry as comfortable as possible.

Social Stigma

Social stigma can be crippling to individuals in many social situations and the realm of carrying a firearm is not immune. People are worried about what their friends, family and neighbors might think of them and the media does nothing to help this.

Pros Of Concealed Carry

pros of concealed carry

Despite some of the reasons against doing so, there are also some pros of concealed carry. If there weren't good reasons to do, no one would do it. Instead, there are millions of people who have obtained their concealed carry permits and carry. Not only that, but efforts are still under way to make concealed carry for citizens who can legally possess firearms even easier.

Concealed Carry Leads To Safer Population

ccw leads to safer populations

Concealed carry can make the population at large safer than if concealed carry was prohibited to civilians. It isn't that issuing a few permits and a few more people toting a pistol will eliminate all crime or keep mass shootings from happening ever again; far from it. However, it does mean that more people will be able to protect themselves against violent crime. It might mean a mass shooter may be taken down earlier than it would take if people in the area had to wait for police. A population barred from legally arming themselves...means easy pickings for violent criminals who arm themselves illegally.

The Criminals Are Already Carrying

If the past century has taught us anything, it's that criminals can find ways to arm themselves in spite of any laws prohibiting them from possessing firearms or any other dangerous weapon. Despite the laws, they still gets handguns galore. Despite the laws, they still obtain semi-automatic rifles and shotguns. Despite the laws, the criminal element STILL persists. While we can't make a person decide not to be a criminal, we CAN decide to equip ourselves with the means to defend ourselves, and violent criminals must sometimes be fought by violent means - and for the civilian, this means a gun. Having those means is another of the pros of concealed carry. In fact, some studies suggest the mere presence of a gun is enough to ward off most muggers, robbers and carjackers.


concealed carry because the world isn't wonderland

You may be asking yourself right now, what does Alice and Wonderland have to do with carrying a firearm? Well the truth is nothing but many people are sheltered and forget the harsh realities of life. They are delusional to the point that they think they are immune from crime, violence and that the police will always be there to protect them. As the old saying goes “when seconds count, police are only minutes away.”

That ability to defend one's self, to put the capability to save one's own life in one's own hands is one of the pros of concealed carry.

Carrying a firearm is no laughing matter. It is a responsibility that many people choose to forgo on a daily basis and blindly put their lives in the hands of so called “professionals,” simply because they are ill-informed. If you are considered carrying a firearm you need to get the facts and weigh the pros and cons for yourself. For most of us already carrying, one reason will triumph all counterarguments; IWB concealed carry holsters


About The Author

Travis Box is currently a college student studying American history with a concentration on the Constitution, Revolutionary War, politics and legislation. As an active hunter for 5 years and a recreational marksman for over a decade, his writing brings with it years of real world experience from both the field and the range.