Shot Show 2015 - Anticipated Firearms, Buzz and Rumor Mill

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Lots of Buzz Surrounding SHOT Show 2015 Line-Up

Handgun and long rifle enthusiasts are gearing up for this year's premier gun show which features a host of big name firearm producers alongside lesser known up-and-comers. For commercial buyers and manufacturers, it's a great chance to see what changes are happening in the world of firearms and more importantly – what commercial products are getting the most attention.

This year, the show starts on January 20th to the 23rd but for those lucky enough to secure space, there's a “Media Day at the Range” event on that Monday, the 19th. This is a great opportunity to get a sneak peak at the newest rifles, handguns, and before the doors open. The main event, itself, will be at the ATM Sands Convention Center near the Wynn Golf Club.

Like anyone needs an excuse to travel to Las Vegas?

But this year promises to be a big one in terms of pistol firing capacity, after-market and pre-market modifications, and equipment to make the best use of it. We're going to run down a few of the pistol platforms we're looking forward to seeing.

Rumor Mill - Anticipated Firearms Coming Down the Line

Heizer Defense - “Pocket AK”

One of the oddballs coming to the show is expected to be the Heizer Defense “Pocket AK”. It's an ultralight, close-quarters pistol equipped to discharge a single 7.62 x 39 mm round. From the same company which produced the “Pocket Shotgun” - a .410-bore pistol touting similar capabilities – and the “Pocket AR” which uses a 5.56 NATO round – Heizer Defense seems to want to corner the market on being able to discharge large calibers from small packages. There's also scuttlebutt going around that they're releasing a “Pocket Sniper” version as well – equipped with a .308 round for impeccable penetration.

Charter Arms Pitbull Revolver (.45 ACP)

While Charter Arms has had their 9mm and .40 S&W line of rimless Pitbull revolvers out on the market for awhile, it was long expected they would eventually branch into .45 ACP. The rimless revolver, as a trend, seems to have gained somewhat unexpected traction in the firearms community. Novel is Charter Arms re-exploration of the old rimless revolvers from the turn of the century such as the British .455 Webley. Using half-moon and full-moon clips, Charter Arms is able to bring the reality of a heavy caliber auto cartridge to the revolver platform.

2015 Sig Sauer Pistols

Sig Sauer, the Exeter-based manufacturer of firearms, is looking forward to featuring a whole new line-up of classic pistol platforms outfitted in .22 LR. Based upon Osage County Guns' listings, there seems like a definite push to have classics such as the P238 and 1911 models come with more Sig Sauer bells and whistles out the hatch versus after market modifications. This may be a push to consolidate focus on their new style grips, target sights, and matte colors. Obviously, well anticipated considering its a handgun manufacturer that continues to perform well in the defensive and concealed carry marketplace.

Overall, this year's SHOT Show appears to have a renewed focus on armor, equipment, and militarized vehicles for defensive operations. It's believed to be part of a bigger effort to place focus on not just the best and brightest guns coming to market but also the equipment necessary to make full use of them.

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