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Benefits of Concealed Carry for Businesses and why CCW should be encouraged

benefits of ccw for businesses

Every single day we hear about robberies at convenience stores, gas stations, and restaurants.For those that are wary about guns, it's prompted a lot of businesses to place up No Weapons placards. But as it turns out, concealed carriers may be exactly the people businesses ought to be bringing in.

Just as the Examiner pointed out in a recent article, there are businesses that are beginning to promote concealed carriers coming into their business.

Is this just market publicity or is there something else going on?

Growing Numbers of Concealed Carriers

concealed carry for business owners

For a retail business or brick-and-mortar store, foot traffic is really the only real source of income. Identifying a growing demographic and finding a way to garner their business and support is a sure-fire way to increase sales.

Concealed carriers are a fast and growing demograhpic of people in the United States. Different states have different regulations, provisions, and tests that must be completed before a concealed carry permit can be issued. And for constitutional carry states – no permit is needed at all.

This creates an interesting scenario. A lot of new concealed carriers likely haven't had a single day's worth of training.More frightening – some may have never fired their concealed carry pistol at a range.

Does this mean they'll be ineffective in a hostile scenario?Do you trust someone who hasn't had a single day's training, never gone to the range, and never maintains his or her pistol to take it out and use it effectively?

So, business owners may be capitalizing on people who like to conduct their business without having to take their concealed carry firearm out of their concealed carry gun holsters. And it's true. If you know you're allowed into a business and there isn't any issue with you being armed, you'll probably be more comfortable getting your pizza or frozen yogurt there.

Potentially well played, businesses. Well played.

But there is still an issue – demonstrating you have a concealed carry weapon on you.

Before Claiming Your CCW Prize – Check the Rules

concealed carry for business owners

Just because a business has a sign saying there will be a discount if you demonstrate you are a concealed carrier – never voluntarily disclose the location of your weapon unless by lawful order.

The definition of brandishing changes from state to state.Even a well meaning employee or business manager may not be aware of the entirety of state statutes governing the display of a concealed firearm.Just because they don't know doesn't mean you're excused.

If asked to present evidence of your concealed carry permit – offer your state issued concealed carry card. This prevents any issue of brandishing, printing or spotting. Additionally, it keeps your firearm where it needs to be – concealed and at the ready.

Shoe on the Other Foot Scenario:

Let's pretend you're a criminal looking to knock off a frozen yogurt stand that promotes heavily to CCW permit holders. If it's empty except for you, the guy standing in front of you, and the cashier and the guy in front of you shows off where his concealed firearm is located – hasn't he just made your job easier? Bonus – you may just win yourself a brand new firearm if everything goes just right.

So, please do collect all the discount frozen yogurt and certainly DO patron businesses that understand the Second Amendment is there to help them – not hurt them.
Don't make yourself an easy target in the process.

James England

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James England (@sir_jim_england) is the contributing editor for Alien Gear Holsters. He is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and private defense contracting in Afghanistan.