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Should we arm our Teachers?

should teachers carry concealed carry guns

Over a dozen states specifically authorize teachers, principals, and other school officials from carrying concealed on school grounds. While some districts may not specifically provision it, many of those teachers aren't required to disclose whether or not they are carrying.

Is this recent push making our schools safer or opening another can of worms?

Training Teachers As First Responders

should teachers carry concealed carry guns

While teachers are generally prided on the milestones their students achieve, it's become increasingly important for those in our nation's schools to also be prepared to defend the lives of their students should violence erupt.

And historically, it has. While plenty of political initiatives are aimed at dissuading such practices, it's become clearly evident that having responsible adults in position to stop another horrific school shooting event from taking place is worth more than pretending it won't happen.

"The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun."

Not only are more teachers required to administer first aid and life saving first response techniques for their students' wellbeing, but now they're assuming responsibility for their safety from lethal danger.

Somebody give these folks a pay raise, right?

Teachers already have to deal with more diverse scenarios than many other professions. Held to a high standard of maintaining all applicable Federal, State, and County regulations in regards to education, they also have to continually inspire those young minds to learn and be inquisitive.

Now they are being asked to potentially save those children's lives should that situation come. But that is nothing new for this profession. Even before teachers were allowed – and in some cases encouraged – to carry concealed handguns in school, they were putting themselves at great risk to protect their students.

If anything, this means they have the ability to stop the source of aggression rather than simply waiting to be a victim of it.

Inside the Waistband Concealed Carry Holsters are Potentially The Best Option

gun holsters for teachers

If teachers are going to be carrying concealed within our nation's schools, then they may at least maintain an inside the waistband concealed carry gun holster that is convenient, comfortable, and most of all secure. The advantage of an IWB concealed carry holster is that it maintains good positive retention on the firearm while still keeping it accessible throughout the school day, while staying comfortable and most of all 100% concealed.

What Style of CCW Handgun Is Best For School Teachers?

Because teachers never want to advertise they are armed and some many be required to move around quickly, reach, or bend down, staying with a small-to-micro compact handgun is preferable.

Additionally, it may be advisable to use a red dot fixed laser sight to quickly home in on a target. Even though red dot sight assemblies generally reduce the time to get on target, it's always advisable to spend a good portion of time training to use it with the inside the waistband concealed carry holster system of choice.

Nothing substitutes a good education - and a big part of that is homework. So just like their students, teachers also have to go out there and make sure their training is done. As great and welcome a sight it is to have armed, capable educators – a successful use of a firearm is more than just having it.

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