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2016 alien gear best blog posts

The 9 Best Alien Gear Gun Blog Articles of 2016

As the year draws to a close, it's a good time to reflect on all the gun blogs on Alien Gear. We strive to put together the best-written, most-useful and hopefully entertaining concealed carry articles on the web. We cover nearly any topic related to concealed carry, including guns, gear, tips, tricks, techniques and everything else you might need to know when it comes to concealing and carrying.

It's been a very good year here at the Alien Gear Holsters Blog, and here are the 9 best 2016 gun blog articles from Alien Gear.

Concealed Carry Beginner's Guide

beginners guide to concealed carry

Our Concealed Carry Beginner's Guide takes you from 0 to Carrying. This guide lays out everything from the decision to start carrying, to how you get licensed, what gear you need, and how best to carry once you have all the pieces in place.

In short, everything the beginner needs to know to start concealing and carrying.

Are You Ready For CCW?

are you ready to conceal carry

This is a companion piece to the Concealed Carry Beginner's Guide, as it's a more in-depth "checklist" to make sure a person is ready for CCW carrying. This post goes into further detail of what gear you need, what you need from it, and how to get started with carrying a concealed firearm.

The New Handgun Owner's Guide To Reciprocity

ccw reciprocity guide

The new concealed carrier may not be aware of reciprocity, or the disposition of some states to honor or recognize the concealed carry permits of other states. Chances are a good number of states recognize or honor the one that you have. If you're going to travel and wish to do so armed, this guide tells you everything you need to know about reciprocity.

However, you still are going to need to know WHICH states honor or reciprocate with your state's concealed pistol permit. How do you find that out, though? Not all states advertise what other states recognize their permits or which state's licenses they recognize.

Why, by looking at the Alien Gear concealed carry reciprocity map of course! We've done the research so you don't have to.

Are CCW Classes Required?

training requirements for concealed carrying

Training is one of the most important aspects of concealed carrying, including both CCW classes required for a permit and also regular CCW training. After all, defensive shooting is a skill and it must be honed in order for a person to wield it effectively.

This article goes over both varieties of CCW instruction, what you can expect from them, and if the courses are required in order to get a CCW permit.

The Alien Gear Guide To Gun Safety

guide to gun safety

There is nothing more important in the realm of firearms than observing proper gun safety. It is something that lives depend on. Being safe with guns is a must, especially for the concealed carrier. If you can't be safe with a firearm, you have no business carrying one.

This is the total guide to gun safety, beginning with the most basic principles of safe operation and handling of any firearm, and going all the way through to principles of safe shooting, safe storage, gun safety and children, and best safety practices for concealed or open carrying.

In short, virtually everything you need to know about gun safety is in this guide.

The Magazine Holster Guide

holster guide for magazines

Our magazine holster guide is everything a person could possibly need to know about mag carriers of any sort. Whether you want magazine carriers for the range or for daily concealed or open carry, this guide contains everything you need to know about them.

How To Avoid Printing And Brandishing

avoiding printing with ccw

It behooves the concealed carrier to avoid printing and brandishing at all costs. After all, it's called "concealed" carry. There is also open carry, but open carry has to be done for all to see. It does not do for a person to engage in half-measures. In this article, you can learn the various tips and techniques that can keep your concealed pistol truly concealed. If you follow these guidelines, no one will be able to tell that you're armed.

Concealed Carry Training Guide

training guide for ccw

It isn't arguable that everyone who conceals and carries needs some concealed carry training and should be training on a regular basis. This guide will take you through everything you need for concealed carry training, as well as the drills and skills that you need to practice and hone for better concealed carrying.

These are the best articles from the Alien Gear concealed carry blog for 2016. We hope you find them informative, useful and hopefully entertaining to read. 2017 is shaping up to be an even better year, so keep your eyes on the Alien Gear blog for more great blogs to come!

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