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As the holidays roll around again we are all scrambling to find the perfect gift for the special people in our lives. While gift baskets, soaps, and other items may be very nice the shooter in your life may have very different ideas about the holidays.

We as shooters certainly love the holidays and we are always excited when we get unique shooting gifts in our stockings. So hopefully this quick guide to gift giving will help you make the holiday gift giving season special for the shooter in your life, or maybe even for yourself.

RCBS Chargemaster 1500 Scale and Dispenser Combo   The first item on a great gift giving list would be the RCBS Charge Master 1500 Scale and Dispenser Combo. This item is a dream come true for any shooter who loves to reload their own cartridges. In fact this scale may even make your reloading and firing experiences much safer with a built in adjustment to any powder being used without the need to stop and calibrate your scale. This is a great time saver as well and will ensure that you are loading an accurate charge in every cartridge. The handy dispenser will also save you great deals of time as well as you are able to weigh and load all in one easy device without any additional steps. This scale is also ideal for either right or left handed individuals and can be used easily from either side to make your job much more pleasant.

Next up is the Lyman Turbo 700 Small Parts Case Cleaner. This case cleaner is sure to make any reloader happy as their parts come out good as new in a fraction of the time. This small batch cleaning device is able to clean up to 100 9mm casings in just minutes. With easy to use controls and an easy to read display it could just be one the greatest cleaners out there. If you're looking to clean larger batches the Turbo Sonic 2500 and 6000 are also available for purchase as well to help you clean large batches of rounds and get reloaded in no time at all. Lyman also offer a great selection of solvents to go with their cleaners, even a 4 oz size that would be a perfect stocking stuffer.   Lyman Turbo 700 Small Parts Case Cleaner

Hornady 9th Edition Reloading Manual   Of course if you're going to do your own reloads you're going to want a great loading manual to reference. The Hornady 9th Edition Reloading Manual is the most comprehensive reloading guide on the market. With updated information and old favorites such as information on ammunition like IterBond, InterLock, and A-MAX you will find everything you need. This book is great for both the experienced loader and beginners alike with easy to follow information. This edition is also available in a more portable edition as well. If you love to read on your Kindle or iPad you can find this edition easily for either of these devices to take it wherever you like anytime.

Up next is the Caldwell AR-15 Mag Charger, this is sure to be a hit with all levels of shooters and will certainly save some thumbs throughout the year. If you love to shoot, but dread reloading a magazine or no longer have the strength due to arthritis in the hands or fingers then this device will be a great help. With a quick reload time of possibly two minutes or less you will be able to reload and get back to shooting much faster than before and that's always a great thing. This device can load 50 rounds into two magazines effortlessly to save your thumbs as well. With a reasonable price tag as well this gift is easy to use and easy to give.   Caldwell AR-15 Mag Charger

Butler Creek Pistol Loader   With much the same idea in mind is the Butler Creek Pistol Loader. This popular item runs just at $30 dollars making it a very affordable gift for the hand gun lover. This device makes loading quick and easy with a spring action design. It is designed to save your hands and prevent wear to your magazines as well. If you have arthritis, but still love to shoot, then this device can help you to get back out on the range with less pain as well. It may also be great for shooters with poor hand strength as well from a variety of conditions because it takes the effort out of loading the magazine almost completely.

Show someone you care this holiday season by giving them an Alien Gear Gift Cards available for $50, $75 and $100. An Alien Gear Holsters Gift Card allows your favorite gun owner to personally select a high quality inside or outside the waistband holster or gear that they desire most. Best of all, shipping is a guaranteed, 2 business days, so you can be sure to get your Gift Card to someone special in time for the holidays.

  Alien Gear Holsters

Of course every shooter loves great sights that help them to expand their scope of shooting and accuracy. The Ghost Ring Sight is among one of the best in the world and is even used quite a bit in law enforcement as well. This inexpensive sight can help you to move beyond daylight shooting and into the evening hours with ease. With two green sights made of the latest fiber optic technology you'll be able to acquire your target and improve your accuracy with ease. This sight is even great for shooters who may have moved to bifocals as well. This sight will still help you to focus and have great accuracy with bifocals on so you can get back out on the range and enjoy shooting with better accuracy again.   Ghost Ring Sight

Grip Force Grip Adapters   For other shooters, modifying the grip on their gun may take priority on their wish list. If you own a Glock or are giving a gift to a shooter who has a Glock then Grip Force Grip Adapters for Glock may have just what you need. These grips come in a variety of sizes to fit your specific weapon of choice. These grips can help those with very large hands to avoid injury to hands from the slide. It may also help those with small hands or arthritis to get a better grip on their weapon. These grips come in a soft wipe clean material that will last for years to come.

Finally while a first aid kit may not be on the top of every shooters holiday wish list it is certainly a necessary part of range equipment. Adventure Medical Kits with Quik Clot has everything you need to manage most any range emergency until help arrives. This kit is compact and can be stored in a trunk or bag quite easily with other items. The bag is also lightweight so it can easily be transported on hunting trips as well. So help your shooter be safe throughout the year with a first aid kit in their equipment.

We would be silly not to recommend our holsters as the prefect gift, search by gun here: CCW Holsters

  Adventure Medical Kits with Quik Clot

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