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concealed carry tips

Concealed Carry Tips You Can't Afford To Ignore

Stay up to date with concealed carry blogs, websites, and local news so you know when new gun legislation is in the works or ready to take effect. States like Texas, Maine, California, and others saw massive changes take place just this year. Covering these topics in local news is commonplace but there are plenty of concealed carry gun blogs and websites which keep on top of these news stories.

Just remember: whatever you discover online, make sure to confirm in real life.

Just because a blog tells you something doesn't necessarily mean it's true – always check sources for validity and ensure any ccw law changes set to go in effect are properly researched through your state or local municipality's code.

Mentally Roleplay Situations Ahead Of Time

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Now there's a clear cut line between living in a world of delusional fantasy where ninjas come screaming in through the windows of your supermarket and only you and your .38 Spc Bodyguard can protect the lady in the dairy aisle. Are there legitimate threats to your safety almost anywhere you go? Yes. Roleplaying out basic scenarios is a great way to anticipate how you plan to act. The best laid plans of generals tend to go out the window the second actual shots get fired, but it doesn't hurt to have some idea of your strategy. However, never be so committed to a single strategy that you're unable to improvise or alter your plans accordingly.

Keep Your CCW Holster In The Same Position

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Tuesday isn't appendix carry, Wednesday 4 o'clock, and Thursday cross-over. It's one position, every day, every time. You do not want to be guessing where you put your holster last. With the best ccw holsters, you may be prone to forgetting you are even carrying a gun in the first place. Don't make that mistake by always remembering to wear your concealed carry firearm in the same place, every time. Best of all, if you practice with the same holster and pistol configuration, your mind is already ready to go in the event you need to draw upon it. You fight like you train so if you train with steady and consistently with one ccw setup – stick with it throughout.

Store Your Weapon In The Same Location

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Even before you were a concealed carrier, there's a great chance you've played the game “where's my keys?” It's a fun game. You're usually at least 5 minutes late to go somewhere and you're frantically looking around the house for one tiny object. That's a fun game to play with a car – it's never a game to play with a gun. If you get into a routine of always placing your firearm in the same place, you know exactly where to go to look for it. This is really a life pro-hack for many things in life, but especially when talking about concealed carry pistols.

Self-Defense Is More Than Just A Gun

Having a concealed carry firearm on you every day is a great first step to self-defense – but you need more than that to be effective. Taking the time to learn even some basic martial arts or practice hand-to-hand combat skills and techniques can make the difference between gaining an advantage over your opponent in extreme close quarters... Because your enemy rarely – if ever – just lines himself up on the 15 yard line and stands there patiently.

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James England (@sir_jim_england) is the contributing editor for Alien Gear Holsters. He is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and private defense contracting in Afghanistan.