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SHOT Show 2017: What's In Store For Concealed Carry Guns and Gear?

One of the biggest events in the firearms industry every year is the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade expo or SHOT Show, and SHOT Show 2017 is right around the corner. The event has been put on every year since 1979 by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a key trade group in the shooting industry, and it's where everyone who's someone goes to show off new wares.

For hunters, concealed carriers and general gun enthusiasts, this is where the gun, CCW, hunting and outdoor industries go to show off new gear. Alien Gear Holsters will be there...but what else is happening this year?

2017 SHOT Show Rumors: Who Is Bringing What?

There are some 2017 SHOT Show rumors already circulating, but there are some new products for concealed carriers and handgunners that will either be unveiled for the first time or get a hard launch at SHOT Show 2017. Here are a few new guns that are definitely going to be on display:

cz p 10

CZ P-10: CZ is obviously known for their DA/SA pistols, they recently released the P-10, a polymer-framed striker pistol. It's already been soft-launched, but SHOT Show is going to be it's big debut. It was partially conceived for new pistol trials for the U.S. armed forces, but obviously it can be used by law enforcement and civilians. Their tagline for the gun is "improving on perfection," so you know who they're trying to take down a peg or two.

remington rp9

Remington RP9: Big Green is getting deeper into handguns, offering the R1 1911, R1 Carry Commander, the recently re-released R51 and the RM380 subcompact. Their new addition is the RP9. It's a full-size poly striker gun that's +P ready out of the box. The magazine holds 18, and it comes with an accessory rail, aggressive slide serrations and low-profile sights. A version in .45 ACP - the RP45 - is on the horizon too.

remington r1 hunter 1911

Remington R1 Hunter 1911: The R1 Hunter is a longslide 1911 chamberdd in 10mm, perfect for handgun hunters. Along with the 6-inch barrel comes a beavertail grip safety, bobbed hammer, railed dust cover and adjustable sights.

avidity arms pd10

Avidity Arms PD10: Avidity Arms is a new imprint of Eagle Arms, famous for the Bersa brand. The PD10 is a slim, compact single-stack 9mm poly striker gun designed by Rob Pincus. It's tailored for concealed carry, with slim dimensions, low-profile practical sights and being +P ready from the get go. Price isn't available, but expect to hear about it soon.

dan wesson pm c

Dan Wesson PM-C: The Dan Wesson PM-C is a 9mm 1911, which uses a Commander-length slide on an Officer frame. Basically, it's the Dan Wesson Pointman with a shorter frame. It's a Dan Wesson, so you get quality and refinement - tuned trigger, skeletonized hammer, beavertail safety and fiber optic sights come standard.

And many more!

Reviews From SHOT Show Range Day Await

range day at shot show

Besides the new guns, another very popular part of SHOT Show is reviews from the SHOT Show range day. Every year, select attendees are invited to the SHOW Show Industry Day At The Range, where various people from within the firearms world are invited to shoot a plethora of firearms and ammunition.

This is where guns that are either hard-launched or first revealed at the show go to get their first reviews. Anyone who sees or reads about a gun at SHOW Show that they may want to purchase naturally is going to look for reviews, and the very first are from the Industry Day At The Range.

Want to see the new stuff in action? This is where it happens.

Meanwhile, Deep Inside The Skunk Works At Alien Gear…

agh shot show 2017

Some of you might have heard by the time of this writing that Alien Gear has a big announcement for SHOT Show. Something secret. Something revolutionary. A new holster that's going to change the way people carry.

However, we're going to keep the details under wraps until SHOT Show.

However, what can be divulged is that the new holster system we're working on is going to change what you expect from a concealed carry holster. It has been exhaustively engineered, designed and refined into a paradigm-changing holster design.

The status quo, or merely copying previous holster designs just aren't acceptable for us. Good enough is really not good enough. When we release a product, we want to be able to redefine what a product of that type is capable of.

Every holster we've released has been created with a paradigm change in mind. The Cloak Tuck 3.0 set a new standard of comfort for IWB holsters. The Cloak Mod is a totally new take on the OWB holster. Our Cloak Mag Carriers are able to be worn in more ways than any other mag carrier can be, and our Cloak Dock systems make your Alien Gear holster more versatile than any other holster is or could be.

Expect a game-changing announcement from us at SHOT Show. Keep your eye on this site and our social media profiles for updates.

SHOT Show 2017 Promises To Be As Big As Ever

shot show alien gear

Every SHOT Show is a big event, and SHOT Show 2017 will be no different. As we unveil new products and continue our legacy of innovation in concealed carry accessories, 2017 is promising to be an even bigger year than 2016 was for Alien Gear.

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