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The Benefits of Hybrid Conceal Carry Holsters

hybrid holsters

A hybrid concealed carry holster is a great opportunity to let you switch back and forth between an inside the waistband IWB and an outside the waistband OWB style of holster. The gun you wear on your body is only as good as the training and maintenance you pour into it.

While you CAN train yourself to become proficient in nearly any gun carry technique – concealed carry holsters add an immediacy to your readiness. And the pros attached to a hybrid are two-fold – it can be adaptable to whatever style of clothing you're wearing and allow you to train on whatever technique you feel may need some improvement.

Cold Weather Concealed Carry

With frosty systems moving throughout the Northern hemisphere, everyone is bundling up. Because of the multiple layers you'll likely be wearing, an outside the waistband style may be what you're looking for. It allows you to pull a parka and multiple warming layers over it while still staying accessible. We wrote about cold weather and concealed carry in our previous blog post.

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Warm Weather Concealed Carry

The reverse of the first, IWB styles are the go-to for most folks who want to keep a low profile while still keeping their firearm accessible at all times. Inside the waistband concealed carry holsters don't attract a lot of attention and keep a smooth, trim look that's perfect for throwing a summer time button up shirt or light jacket over top. Hybrid holsters are designed so that you can switch the support system back and forth between IWB and OWB – giving you the choice depending on where you need the pistol to be.

Explore your Hybrid Concealed Carry Holsters

Ultimately, the reason why the hybrid style is a preferred method is because the scabbard allows for a better distribution of weight and pressure across the holster resulting in less strain on one's back and hips. When selecting a IWB concealed carry holster we need to look at not only what each holster style can do for you but also demonstrate the versatility that a hybrid concealed carry holster can bring to the table.

To Rack to Not to Rack - That is the Question

The last topic we'd want to cover is whether or not to have a round in the chamber while having your pistol in a concealed carry hybrid holster. First and foremost – whichever you decide – TRAIN for it. If you prefer the knowledge of knowing your pistol is ready to go at a moment's notice, then practice with that style. However, if you have reservations and want to keep a round clear and free from the chamber – you can train yourself to draw your concealed carry weapon, rack a round, and be on target within milliseconds of the previous style. In many cases, it really does come down to how much you train rather than whether or not a round in the chamber is your best friend.

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With hybrid concealed carry holsters, you already have the advantage of having the weapon placed in your preferred drawing method. Time and the element of surprise are arguably already on your side.

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