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The Reasons To Keep And Bear Arms

There are a number of reasons a person should keep and bear arms, despite what some might opine are reasons not to. In truth, being able to be armed is one of the things that makes Americans arguably the freest people on the globe.

Furthermore, being armed - whether merely in the home or licensed or otherwise legal concealed carry - puts responsibility for one's protection in one's own hands. After all, one cannot always rely on others to keep one safe.

Bearing Arms Gives One The Means To Preserve Their Own Life

If there were sufficient police so that response times were instantaneous, there wouldn't be nearly as many reasons for ordinary citizens to be bearing arms. In fact, in an ideal world, no one would try to hurt anyone else, or steal or rob from anyone. In an ideal world, "do unto others as you would have done unto you" would be the whole of the law, and everyone would follow it. It's in every moral code, philosophy or religion yet devised by man.

However, we don't live an ideal world. There are evil people out there that mean others harm and want to steal, rob and commit other crimes against their fellows. There also aren't always enough police to go around. Sometimes there are also too far away to really help if anything should happen.

It then becomes necessary to keep and bear arms.

Bearing arms, whether it's a gun in the home or a holster and CCW on one's belt, puts the means to defend one's self against attackers, home invaders, robbers and other violent wastrels in one's own hands.

2nd Amendment Among Our Most Important Freedoms

right to keep and bear arms

Of the entire bill of rights, the 1st Amendment and 2nd Amendment are the nearest and dearest to almost all Americans. Along with the amendments that govern criminal proceedings - such as the 4th through 8th amendments - they establish what was then a rarity: rights that cannot be taken away, except until one is duly and fairly convicted by a court of law.

Though people clash over the meaning, what's clear is that the document that legally establishes the United States in its current form establishes that Americans have the right to own firearms.

There are many reasons to cherish this right. For many, firearms are a means for self-defense. Others use them to get their dinner, as hunting is also a long-standing American tradition. Sport shooting, be it paper targets at the local range, trap, skeet, long-range, handgun, Cowboy Action, novelty or trick, or even just plinking where one legally can, sport shooting also has a great many participants as well as a long history.

In previous eras, a firearm was a means of protection, food gathering and recreation all in one. In many areas of the U.S., it's still the case. With one shotgun, a person can hunt deer, duck, geese, pheasant and other species of game, deal with a home intruder and do multiple types of sport shooting.

If you are interested in learning more about the 2nd amendment, we wrote an in depth post covering all supreme court cases that defined the 2nd amendment.

Right To Keep And Bear Arms In The United States

concealed carry self defense

For good or ill, the fact is that legally bearing arms is a right that citizens of few countries enjoy without major encumbrances. Few countries allow as many citizens to get a concealed carry license . No other core country allows constitutional or permitless carry. Some believe that's a sign of greater gun control being needed, but it's actually something to celebrate.

Whilst some elected officials and activists have good intentions - fewer people being murdered is a good thing, after all - in their wish to curtail gun rights, the fact is that gun rights wouldn't be necessary if all people were good. If no one felt it was acceptable to harm others either for their own gratification or to forcibly deprive others of money or property, there would be no reason for ordinary citizens to arm themselves if they didn't hunt or shoot for sport.

But there are - and more Americans than ever are keeping and bearing arms for this purpose. Though some states make it easier than others, few nations on earth make it as easy for law-abiding citizens to arm themselves. That freedom is one that we should all appreciate.

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