CZ - PO7 ShapeShift OWB Slide Holster


Shapeshift CZ P-07 Belt Slide OWB Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

For those times when you may want to conceal, but may also want not to, the ShapeShift CZ P-07 Belt Slide OWB Holster will do both equally as well. This holster is designed for the person who wants to carry outside the waistband, but wants to be able to conceal if so desired. It does both, as few other holsters can.

For a P-07 OWB holster to be concealable, it has to ride high enough on the belt to be covered up with minimal layering, but also tight enough to the body to avoid producing a bulge on the side that could only be a firearm or an inguinal hernia.

This holster is designed to carry in just that fashion. The belt loops are located just ahead of the trigger guard, keeping it high on the belt. Since the belt clips are out to the side of the holster, the holster is kept tight to the body.

Additionally, the backing layer is made of CoolVent neoprene, a cushioning fabric that sits comfortably against the skin. Moisture gets wicked away and the fabric breathes against the skin, so it's comfortable enough to be worn without an undershirt. The spring steel and woven nylon core of the holster ensure a long service life, but enough flexibility to conform to the shape of the wearer.

Fitment won't be a problem. This CZ P-07 OWB holster is custom-molded for the P-07, fitting perfectly out of the packaging. The trigger guard is fully wrapped for added security and passive retention is fully adjustable, without needing tools of any sort.

This holster also comes backed by Alien Gear Holsters' Iron-Clad Guarantee, including a 30 Day Test Drive trial period and a Forever Warranty, covering the holster in case of any defects or damages of any sort.

If you want to shift to a better carry, start your Test Drive today!

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Good looks and an unusable death grip of firearm. Review by Mitchell
I bought the Shapeshift OWB for my CZ P-07 pistol. The holster is nice and detailed. The outer shell has hash marks that match the CZ marks on the slide and even a molded square to match the serial number square on the slide. That is nice attention to detail. The pad that lays against your body is high quality and comfortable. Lay the holster on the table and insert your firearm and you will find the pistol will slide in and out quite easily. Using a key you can adjust the tension on the holster. Putting the holster on is where a big problem arises. Once you strap on the holster and tighten your belt you find that the Shapeshift OWB grasps your firearm with a death grip as though it wants to give your attacker the edge while you struggle to remove your firearm. Returning the pistol is an annoying chore too as you must do it with equal force used to remove the pistol. I adjusted the tension over and over to find that the death grip remained. Holding the holster in hand the pistol can be removed and reinserted with ease. Place it back on your hip and you must yank your firearm out with deliberate force and shove it back in with determination. After examining the holster I find that holding the holster in my hands I could apply slight pressure on the two belt loops and get the pistol to lock up in the holster. The issue? Well, the holster comes as a half shell and when thread your belt through the loops and tighten your belt the belt puts pressure on the holster's belt loops causing the molded shell to flex and bend. This puts pressure on the firearm which makes it difficult to remove in time of need. I think that if the mold was a full mold with front and back to reinforce the shell it would reduce to flex or better yet remove to belt loops that are attached to the shell and place the loops on the pad then it wouldn't put pressure on the shell. I like the brand but, this design doesn't inspire confidence when needed. (Posted on 2/7/2019)

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