Glock - 37 ShapeShift Drop Leg Holster


Glock 37 Drop Leg Holster

If you're looking to open carry your Glock 37, there may not be a more perfect way to do it than with a Glock 37 drop leg holster. They put the gun in a far easier position to carry around with and put the pistol within easy reach. It's a great way to carry around the house, at the range or in the outdoors.

But why is it so hard to find a good one? You'd think there would be some far better options for a Glock 37 drop thigh holster, but you're very likely to find a host of universal holsters that don't really work without a thumb break or other retention device.

Why would you carry with a holster that can barely hold anything on its own? Just because it's a Glock 37 thigh holster? That's forcing a person to choose between convenience or function, which is not a choice you should have to make. Alien Gear does things a little different, because we want people to get a quality carry.

What sets our Glock 37 leg holster?

First you get a custom fit with the pistol. Our holsters are made to order, so no other pistol is going to work in this holster. This also aids retention.

At that, the retention is customizable. Dial in the passive hold on the ShapeShift OWB holster to your exact desired setting. You can also add an active retention device if you wish. With a special attachment, our drop thigh holster can also be used with the Cloak Mod OWB as well.

Flimsy attachments no more - our drop thigh rig is molded with a nearly indestructible polymer blend, and the heavy duty straps will keep this holster where it's fastened. However, we also spent a great deal of design energy in contouring the thigh platform so it carries comfortably.

The result is an open carry rig that carries comfortably, securely and is far more functional than almost any other drop leg holster available.

However, that drop leg holster also comes with Alien Gear's Iron-Clad Guarantee. That includes 30-day Test Drive, where you can return the holster for a refund if unsatisfied during the first month of ownership, and a comprehensive lifetime warranty.

We think you won't want to take it off.

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