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Glock - 38 ShapeShift Appendix Carry Holster


Glock 38 AIWB Holster

Ever try appendix carry for a bit after buying a Glock 38 AIWB holster only to give it up a day or two later? A lot of people have.

It's not your fault.

Mostly, it's the fault of holster designs. Appendix holsters, including a lot of Glock 38 appendix holsters, are designed with the idea that they'll conceal easily and that's about it. Maybe someone spares a thought to being able to easily put it on or take it off. Not many holster designs have an eye on comfort, though.

They want you to overlook that. That's the selling point with appendix carry holsters from holster makers looking to cash in on a craze.

But you don't have to accept that. You CAN find a Glock 38 appendix holster that carries comfortably, that conceals easily, has superior fit and retention and will last forever.

Alien Gear has just such a holster for you.

The ShapeShift Glock 38 appendix carry holster is designed to carry comfortably and conceal easily. By employing the hybrid holster design, we were able to design a better backing platform than any other holster maker out there.

We start with ventilated neoprene, our proprietary Cool Vent design. It breathes and cushions at the same time, but repels moisture as well with the closed-cell formulation. The spring steel core flexes as you wear it, keeping the holster tight but uniform to the body. The holster moves with you, like it's a part of you rather than a big plastic wallet jammed in your pants.

The shell is custom-molded for the firearm you carry, and fits perfectly right out of the box. You'll also notice the trigger guard is fully wrapped, keeping your pistol secured once inserted into the holster. The included passive retention bar can also be adjusted to your desired setting for the perfect draw.

You can also rely on Alien Gear's Iron-Clad Guarantee. Unlike other holster companies that expect you to buy off the rack and take it or leave it, we give you 30 days to wear the holster and evaluate it. If you find it isn't to your satisfaction during the first 30 days, contact us and we'll buy it back.

You also get a lifetime warranty. Anything that happens to the holster will be fixed or we will send you a brand new one, for as long as you own it.

Are you good with the same old thing? Or do you want a better way to appendix carry? Try on the ShapeShift.

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