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    Gun Belt FAQ's

    Alien Gear Gun Belts

    What makes our Alien Gear Gun Belt better than any other?

    This belt will support your sidearm with the strength of steel. We’ve discovered that when embedding a spring-steel core between two durable strips of leather, you achieve a strength never felt before in a gun belt. Your saggy belt days are over.

    How wide is this belt?

    The Alien Gear Gun Belt comes in the standard 1.5” width.

    How thick is this belt?

    This belt is approximately .21” thick.

    How do exchanges and returns work?

    For size or color exchanges and information on returning your belt, click here.

    What size belt should I order?

    Click here to find our easy-to-follow sizing instructions!

    Is the hardware corrosion resistant?

    Yes. The belt’s nickel-plated roller buckle and snaps are corrosion resistant.

    Does this belt come with any type of warranty?

    Our Galactic Guarantee includes a 7-Day Test Drive and 1-Year Warranty. Click here for more details.

    Can I swap out the roller buckle?

    Yes. Start by unbuttoning the snaps and swap out the roller buckle for another. Reconnecting the snaps may be tricky; they are directional snaps that will only open and close at a certain angle. To connect the snaps, angle the male stud toward the buckle, while pressing it firmly into the female socket. Now rock the other side back to secure the snap. This process may require a generous amount of pressure the first few times it is performed.