Gun Belt Sizing Guide

    What’s your gun belt size?

    Before purchasing an Alien Gear Concealed Carry Gun Belt, you’ll want to determine what belt size to order. This gun belt sizing guide will provide you with three sizing methods to finding the ideal gun belt size for you.

    The number you provide to us will be the distance between the beginning of the Alien Gear Gun Belt’s leather to the middle hole provided with a standard six inch tail. If you prefer a shorter or longer belt tail, add or subtract from your number accordingly. Here is a graph to explain this measurement:

    Sizing Graphic

    Gun Belt Sizing Method 1 (the most accurate method):

    What’s my gun belt size?

    We recommend this method to easily obtain your optimal gun belt number. Start by laying out a belt that you have now onto a flat surface. Measure it from the beginning of the leather (inside the buckle) to the hole you most often use. This number is what you’ll need to provide to us in the checkout process.

    *Note: Not so much for owb holsters, but if you plan to wear an IWB holster with your Alien Gear Leather Gun Belt, you’ll need to factor this into the number you provide to us. To get this number, wear your IWB holster and take note of what hole you’ve used to fasten your leather gun belt. As explained before, measure from the beginning of the belt to the hole you’ve used. Provide us with this number in the checkout process.

    Gun Belt Sizing Method 2

    If you don’t have a belt handy, you can always use a cloth tape measure to get your gun belt size. You may also use a metal tape measure a length of string if you don’t have a cloth tape measure.

    Begin by threading the cloth tape measure (or string) through your belt loops like you would an actual belt. Once you have pulled the cloth tape measure (or string) together, note the measurement. Provide this number to us in the checkout process.

    Add an inch to your number for every concealed carry iwb holster you plan to carry with your Alien Gear Gun Belt!

    Gun Belt Sizing Method 3 (To get a rough number)

    This could be an option for those in a hurry, but we do not recommend this method. Your gun belt size is roughly four inches more than your pant size. So if you’re a size 26 in pants, you’ll want to add four and order a size 30 belt. Remember to add an inch to this number for every inside the waistband holster you plan to carry.

    This belt sizing method can be inaccurate due to inconsistent pant sizes, which vary between clothing companies.

    If you have any further sizing questions, please contact our customer service team at (208) 215-2046 (5am-5pm PST from Monday-Friday / 7am-5pm PST Saturday-Sunday) or by using our contact form.