Kimber Micro ShapeShift OWB Slide Holster

OWB concealed carry is incredibly comfortable and convenient, but you need the right Kimber Micro OWB holster to do it with. Even for a small gun like the Kimber Micro 380, finding the right one is not necessarily the easier thing to do.

You need a Kimber Micro OWB that rides high enough to be covered up with an untucked shirt of some kind. The right model of holster could be covered with as little as a t-shirt. That would certainly make concealed carry a lot easier.

It also should ride tight, but be made with comfortable materials. Common issues with OWB holsters are sticking out too far to be easily concealed, and not being comfortable enough to wear for extended periods. Leather can chafe pretty easily, and an obvious goiter on the side foils the purpose of concealed carry.

Alien Gear's ShapeShift Kimber Micro 380 Belt Slide OWB has been designed from the ground up to deliver OWB concealed carry like you've never experienced.

The holster starts with a comfortable base, featuring a perforated neoprene backer and a core of woven nylon and spring steel layers. It hugs your shape, wearing comfortably but fitting securely against you. You'll never chafe nor sweat profusely from having worn it.

The holster shell of the Kimber Micro Belt Slide OWB fully wraps the trigger guard, and allows for complete adjustability of the passive retention. Never worry about the fit nor hold again; dial it in exactly how you want it.

The belt clips are situated just ahead of the trigger guard, keeping the gun riding high, and with the low-profile design of the ShapeShift shell, tight to the body. It rides securely tucked against you, concealing with as little as an untucked t-shirt for just about all users.

Along with these features, you can also rest easy knowing this holster comes backed by Alien Gear's Iron-Clad Guarantee, including a 30 Day Test Drive trial period and Forever Warranty.

Schedule your test drive today, and discover a better carry than you ever thought possible.

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Best Holster Available Review by Michael
I own four different holster from different manufacturers and this holster from Alien Gear is the one I wear, always. I tried others before finding Alien Gear Holsters but was never satisfied. The holster wears comfortably and is secure. I wear it while working outside and while working riding on my tractor and it stays secure and doesn't flop around. Protects gun well and is easy on and off. Will buy paddle holster add on next. If you buy any of the holsters go ahead and bundle it with other options, you will be glad you did. (Posted on 5/31/2019)

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