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    OWB Holster (Outside the Waistband)

    OWB Holsters for Concealed or Open Carry

    An outside the waistband or OWB holster is one of the easiest ways to carry. Carrying in this manner puts the handgun within easy reach and to many people, feels the most natural. It's also the most popular open carry method, though concealment is also easy under a jacket or if one's shirt tail is long enough.

    Available OWB Holster Models

    Alien Gear has two OWB holster models available - the Cloak Slide and the Cloak Mod. The Cloak Slide is a leather belt slide owb holster, whilst the Cloak Mod is a modular OWB holster that can be configured as either a belt slide holster or a paddle holster.

    The Cloak Slide is made from leather, and can be had in either natural tan or drum-dyed black leather. The Cloak Mod uses a multi-layer design, featuring outer layers of thermoelastomer and a spring steel core. Both owb holsters use Alien Gear's adjustable retention holster shell, custom molded to expertly fit your firearm.

    OWB Paddle Holster Option

    The Cloak Mod can be worn as a paddle holster, by ordering it with the paddle attachment or ordering the paddle attachment as an optional extra. The paddle attachment features a retention lip that will hold under the bottom edge of your belt, so nobody can unhook your paddle holster by pulling on it.

    OWB Belt Slide Holster Models

    Both of Alien Gear's OWB holsters are available as a belt slide holster. Besides the Cloak Slide, the Cloak Mod is also available with a belt slide attachment, which can be added as an optional extra or the gun holster can be added solely with the belt slide attachment.

    Both OWB Holsters Are Customizable

    Customization is a priority at Alien Gear, which is why we designed the Cloak Mod as a modular OWB holster system. It can be converted from a paddle holster to a belt slide holster and back again. Additionally, the Cloak Mod allows holster cant to be adjusted as well, allowing for up to 15 degrees of positive or negative cant.

    Both the Cloak Mod and Cloak Slide outside the waistband holsters have Alien Gear's adjustable retention shell. We custom-mold shells to fit every specific make and model of handguns we sell a holster for. Your holster will fit like it was made for your pistol, because it was. Since we mount our holster shells with adjustable hardware, you can tailor the retention to your preference with a few turns of a hex key, which is included in the parts pack that comes with every holster we sell.

    Additionally, all Alien Gear OWB holster models come with our Iron Clad Guarantee, lifetime free shell trades, 30-day test drive, and are made in America.

    If you are looking for a different carry option, check out our vast selection of quality gun holsters made with the everyday concealed carrier in mind.