Pocket Holster FAQ

Q: Where should I NOT keep my pocket holster?

A: Our Pocket Holster is optimal for use in the front pants pocket. Please note your firearm and holster should never be stored somewhere loose or where it can move around freely. Make sure the pocket you put it in is secure and in a place that it is the only item in the pocket.

Q: Won’t a pocket holster print and show my gun in my pocket?

A: Our Pocket Holsters were crafted with a patent-pending pocket hook designed to disguise the look of your firearm in your pocket as well as preventing the holster from detaching from your pocket when you draw.

Q: How big is this holster? Will it actually fit in my pocket?

A: It depends on the size of your gun as well as the size of your pocket. If your pants pocket is too small, there is always the option of storing it in a jacket pocket. This is the slimmest holster we have released so far, however, the size of the holster will depend on the size of your gun. The pocket hook is universal on each holster, and the dimensions for that are 1.73” tall, 1.93” wide, and 1.05” thick.

Q: What makes this holster safer than typical pocket carry?

A: It’s not safe to carry your handgun in your pocket if you don’t have a holster because there is a possibility that something will compress the trigger. If your firearm is in our Pocket Holster, the trigger is guarded on both sides by ultra-strength premium polymer that will protect it from any pressure.

Q: Does this holster have adjustable retention?

A: Yes, it does! Just like the rest of the ShapeShift Modular Holster System, the Pocket Holster includes tool-free adjustable passive retention. Just use the twist locks to fine-tune the retention to suit your draw.

Q: What makes this different from a typical pocket holster?

A: Commonly, pocket holsters are made of leather or other soft materials and leave the trigger unprotected—or protected by only a layer of cloth. The ShapeShift Pocket Holster is crafted out of premium polymer, the same material some guns are made of. The trigger is protected on both sides by the premium polymer. On top of all that, this holster features adjustable passive retention and a pocket hook that prevents the holster from detaching from your pocket when you draw.

Q: How large of a firearm can I carry with this Pocket Holster?

A: Technically, any firearm that is available with our ShapeShift line can be used with this holster, but we recommend micro/sub-compacts that take up less space and conceal comfortably.

Q: How do I reholster my weapon once I’ve drawn it out of the holster?

A: Just take the holster out of your pocket and carefully slide your handgun back into the Shift Shell. Do not reholster your firearm while the holster is still in your pocket.

Q: Will my current holster work with this?

A: If you already have a ShapeShift holster, the Shift Shell from that holster is fully compatible with the Pocket Carry Expansion Pack. Our Cloak Series holsters are not compatible with the ShapeShift Pocket Holster.

Q: My gun isn’t available for the ShapeShift Series. What’s next?

A: Our Cloak Series is compatible with nearly 600 firearms. Unfortunately, there is no Cloak Series option for the Pocket Holster. But don’t worry! We’re adding more guns to our ShapeShift line all the time. Keep up to date with what guns are going to be added soon with the ShapeShift Release Calendar.

Q: What if I buy this holster and realize it’s not for me?

A: All of our holsters come with a 30-day Test Drive. You have 30 days to return this holster for a refund or exchange for a different holster if it turns out that it’s not the right holster for you. This American-made holster is also fully covered by our Forever Warranty.