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    Great product, great value! by BIALLC on 11/22/2013

    I bought this to try after one of my customers inquired about Aliengear. Having carried exclusively in a Galco King Tuck, I must admit I am impressed with the quality for value of the AG holsters. I have ordered more for my customers to try and will hopefully set up a dealer relationship with Aliengear in the near future.

    Great product for a HUGE variety of guns! by Nick on 11/20/2013

    Like the previous review, this is also my second purchase from Alien Gear. I purchased a new Sig 1911, only to find that no one makes a holster to fit their squared off slide... Except for Alien Gear, that is! You guys rock!

    Cloak Tuck 3.0 is great, but I'm not sure about the OWB yet. by Chris on 02/25/2016

    The Cloak Tuck 3.0 is a spectacular holster. Very comfortable straight out of the bag. No adjustments were needed at all. I'm not sure about the OWB holster yet. It came from the factory very loose-fitting for my pistol. I swapped the spacers and screws to the shorter ones and it still does not hold the pistol as tightly as I would prefer. The materials are great, I just think it would be better if it held the pistol more securely. Your customer service was excellent on the order once I figured out that the holsters were being delayed by the gun belt. Splitting the order and shipping separately was really appreciated.

    THE BEST product and customer service by Kyle on 02/25/2016

    Second time around now shopping with AG. Their product is fantastic! On my second order, the post office lost it and said that I needed to call AG, and ask them to buy another one... I called up, and before I could even finish I was told not to worry because a second one was on the way free of charge, and no hoops to jump through... AMAZING! There aren't very many companies like this anymore, and I am a proud customer. I tell everyone I know that carries. Great Job AG! keep up the great work!

    Great value, maybe some tweaking required by Scott on 02/25/2016

    I bought two of these (Glock 26, gen 3 & Beretta PX4 full size), primarily for my summer carry, thinking they'd be more comfortable against the skin than traditional all-leather holsters. I love my leather holster from another manufacturer, but it isn't ideal in the hot summers here. Positives - I love the ability to easily adjust retention resistance, and I think the neoprene backing will be good in the summer. I also love the well organized tool kit with all possible spacers that I might need if I want to change things. I also like how flexible, yet stiff, the backing is - it's comfortable from day one with effectively no break-in required. Negatives - The biggest drawback for me is that the backing is not cut such that it covers the mag release button on my Glock. Due to that, if I sit down - particularly in the car - the square & pointy mag release button presses into by skin and kind of hurts after a while. My holster from manufacturer "A" has a different cut that places leather between my back and the mag release. Problem is reduced if I have an undershirt tucked in between holster and skin, but not eliminated. It isn't such a problem with the Beretta, but mainly because the shape of the mag release button is different. I can not sit in the car for long wearing this holster. I'd recommend to AlienGear that they revise the cut a bit to provide some backing in that spot. Nit-picky: The kydex is a bit thicker than my other holster, which means that it isn't quite as form-fitting, I think. That is mitigated by being able to adjust retention with spacers and tightness of the bolts, but it results in a less positive insertion/release of the firearm. Manufacturer "A" holster seems to almost pull the pistol into place, then release it with a satisfying pull/slide out feel. These have a more consistent resistance/friction the whole way. It isn't bad necessarily, just different. Overall, I'm satisfied with the holsters, and I think they're a great value. I'll keep both, even with the problem with the Glock mag release. I may just use a different holster if I anticipate a lot of driving that day.

    Amazing Holster by Danny on 02/25/2016

    I had a Cloak Tuck 2.0, and now the 3.0. It is a quality & affordable product, with great improvements over the 2.0 version. I like the adjustability. Fits my S&W M&P Shield perfectly and it is comfortable. So comfortable, that I forget that I am wearing it. Not to mention the excellent customer service from Alien Gear!

    Excellent quality..Affordable price by Lonnie on 02/25/2016

    I have several of these holsters from a small sub compact to a full size xd45 tactical. All conceal well and are very comfortable. The best IWB holster I have ever used. A very high quality product at a very good price!!

    Awesome holster by Flik on 02/25/2016

    Looked all over at reviews and post. Alien Gear has a worry free setup. You will not regret ordering. Fit is perfect and the ride is excellent. I only wish I had ordered sooner. I am a heftier build ( fat ). Would have never figured iwb would work. It does real well.

    Outstanding comfort and value by TK on 02/25/2016

    I have been using the cloak tuck 3.0 for a new Springfield XD-S 45 for about 2 months now. It is a fantastic holster that is very lightweight and extremely comfortable. I am not a big guy, 5'8" 185lbs and it conceals so well in the 7 -8 o'clock position (lefty) that I keep the extended mag in it, all the time. with no printing unless wearing a really flimsy t-shirt, and even then, if I slide it to the firm 7 o'clock position, there is no printing even with the really thin t-shirt.

    The BEST fitting ISB holster I've ever owned! by Nathan on 02/25/2016

    I would recommend this holster to any person out there. Try A.G. first, because you will not buy another IWB holster again.

    Cloak OWB by Raymond V Productions on 02/25/2016

    Open Carry State of Texas. Great quality material for the price. Used to have a Kholster but cheap shit. I have a Crossbreed and was overpriced. I seen 4-5 UFOs. I like the show Ancient Aliens! I cut the Alien's sticker head and put on vehicle lol If aliens ever take over the world I will be ready with my Cloak Slide...

    NO ONE can beat AlienGear! by Rev on 02/25/2016

    Alien Gear are second to none in comfort, price, quality, warranty and innovation. Not to mention their customer service, which goes above and beyond all expectations. Today makes the fourth order I've placed with AG, totaling 7 holsters and a belt. Never had a bad experience in any dealings with AG. Best holsters you can buy and one of the lowest prices, all made to order in the USA!

    Great belt! by MIKE on 02/25/2016

    It's typical Alien Gear quality, in other words, PERFECT! Purchased belt mainly for work. Unfortunately, it is just barely too wide for the loops in my work pants. I have used it in jeans and dress khakis and it is perfect. Provides perfect platform for concealed carry. Thicker profile of belt "locks" holster in place. No sag or give on drawing and no "floppy tail" past buckle.

    If you're going to carry, especially concealed, it's gotta be Alien Gear! by MIKE on 02/25/2016

    This is my second order for the Tuck 3.0. Originally ordered 2 holster deal for my XD Subcompact and my SIG and purchased an additional shell for my Glock 22. Extremely impressed with comfort and "hideability" of all three weapons. I can comfortably hide any of the three pistols without a jacket and still feel confident that I can draw in a timely manner if needed. Let my son use the Glock holster for his Glock 19 for a weekend to see if he liked it and left it with him for off duty carry. He feels more confident and relaxed with it than with his Serpa. I now have rotated the XD, Sig, and Glock 22 through a couple of weeks of carrying a different one each day and I am continually amazed at the comfort afforded by the holster and could not believe the 2 for 1 deal. Easy choice, get a different holster for each of the three that I would normally carry and an extra shell for my Kimber in the event I want to carry it. I have shared my feelings about Alien Gear with my friends that carry and so far approx 20-25 of them have purchased your holsters and I have not heard a single complaint from any of them. Keep up the good work. Excellent product! Unbelievable value! Unbeatable service!

    My Search for an IWB Holster is Over! by volklgirl on 02/25/2016

    After trying 5 other types of concealed carry holsters, I finally sucked it up and ordered the Cloak Tuck for both myself and my husband, and absolutely couldn't be happier with the pricing, quality, and comfort of these holsters. The retention and concealability for my Ruger LC9s is first rate, and even carrying in the appendix position it is so comfortable that I totally forget I'm wearing it! Finally a holster that doesn't shift or shimmy, dig into my thigh, belly, or ribs, or allow the gun to shift, slide, or dislodge. The comfort level of these holsters makes concealed carry a total delight. Can't recommend Alien Gear holsters enough!!!

    Awesome! by Roll Tide! on 02/25/2016

    Your wasting time reading this review, when you should be ordering this holster! It's a perfect holster.

    NO ONE can beat AlienGear! by Rev on 02/25/2016

    Just ordered the IWB/OWB combo for my new Glock 43 and can't wait to get it! I've been reading through the reviews with a big smile on my face because they are all exactly right!! AG has the best, most comfortable holster I've ever used (both IWB and OWB), the nicest most helpful customer service, and a no questions asked warranty (called about a replacement belt loop for my cloak slide and they sent me a whole new holster base!). I've ordered 7 holsters from this amazing company and recommend them to anyone I can! Thank you Alien Gear for making a fantastic product that you stand behind 100%, and for being one of the few companies left that put the customer first!! Keep up the great work!!

    Increadable by Will on 02/24/2016

    After placing my order I received an e-mail with a shipping estimate of 5 business days. 14 days later I still had not received a shipping number. So that said I was initially disappointed in the shipping time. But after talking to support, I found out the holsters are made custom to order. Once the holster finally arrived it was amazing. I'm talking a perfect fit! Nothing can possibly compare to the products these guys out out. The wait was definitely worth it, but better transparency on shipping times is needed. Still, the quality is just too good, and I don't see myself going anywhere else ever for all my holster needs.

    This is probably the gun belt you have been looking for. by Bob on 02/24/2016

    First of all, you have to allow a little wear time for the belt to settle in. It is going to be really stiff at first, but that is the way it is supposed to be. That said, seriously, I am ready to order another one of these and then give away every other belt that I own. It is a real blessing to own a solid, rugged, well made belt and the fact that it provides a solid platform for concealed carry of any handgun that I own is better yet!

    One word.....AWESOME!! by Spike on 02/24/2016

    I just received my order and I must say I am more than impressed! The quality of your product is beyond reproach, I couldn't be happier. My Springfield 45 Mod 2 fits perfectly and this is by far the most comfortable, versatile and well made holster I have ever had on my side. You have a customer for life!! Just one about some t- shirts on the gear page?? I would gladly purchase a few and wear them proudly , your company deserves the publicity!! Thank you for providing us with such an excellent value that's made right here in the good old USA!! Jeff Spiker

    Best purchase I've ever made for my gun. by Kyle on 02/24/2016

    This is my first concealed holster and I have to say I'm impressed. I've been searching for months for the right holster and a coworker told me about Alien Gear. I carry a full size and the cloak tuck is great on weight distribution and concealment (after some adjustments). I highly recommend this holster if you're looking for something comfortable and versatile. I can't wait to order a belt to go along with it.

    Looks cool, but pointless by Dee on 02/24/2016

    What is the point of changing the look of a holster that no one is going to see?? I guess it's the same idea as wearing zebra print underwear, if it makes you feel good then go for it!

    IWB by Carmon on 02/24/2016

    I purchased the IWB holster. The holster is great however I am not fond of the clips. The traditional clips did not hold on my belt very well and continued to come lose. I changed the clips our for J-Clips however I think they are a little short. I have since made contact with Alien Gear to discuss specifics regarding the j-clips only to learn this is the only kind they sell. Having heard this, I unfortunately have purchased j-clips from a competitor and found these are far more superior. I would highly recommend the holster as it is very comfortable and easy to conceal however I do not like the their version of clips.

    Great Product! by Billy T. on 02/23/2016

    I ordered this holster for my Glock 17 and couldn't be happier. Although I had heard horror stories about the shipping time from Alien Gear, my holster was shipped within 3 days of ordering and arrived by the end of the work week. I believe the individuals that are complaining about shipping time are ordering belts and not reading all the details of Alien Gears shipping times. That being said... I opened the package and was pleased with what was inside. Tried it on and within 5 minutes forgot I even had the firearm on my person. I am a larger than average guy and this holster is extremely comfortable to say the least. Very well made and has a very nice hold on my pistol with the spacers that were already installed. I will definitely be ordering from Alien Gear in the future. Keep up the great work!

    Great product at a great price by Michael on 02/23/2016

    Do not be fooled by the cheap pricing. These are quality products worth the wait. I would definitely buy this product again and recommend it.

    I like this belt by Michael on 02/23/2016

    Great looking belt. Quality item

    First Impressions by Joe on 02/23/2016

    Just got my 2 holster combo pack, the Cloak Slide OWB and the Cloak Tuck 3.0. Upon initial fitting with my weapon and limited wearing of each I am happily impressed. After searching far and wide for reasonably priced custom fit holster options for my Walther CCP I was happy to find Alien Gear. The holsters were delivered well within the predicted time frame and were well packed. I was surprised that each holster was packed individually with it's own spare parts pack, I fully expected to only receive 1 spare parts pack. One of the best things about these holsters is the adjustability. I was able to individually adjust almost every aspect of each holster. From the degree of retention, to the angle of the belt clips on the 3.0 to the tightness of the belt loops on the OWB, pretty much everything is easily adjustable. Overall fit and finish is superb. The shell is so well formed to my specific weapon that it even has the manufacturer inscriptions in it. Both holsters ride well and are, so far, quite comfortable. My 2 very small issues are the lack of a body shield option for the OWB holster and the lack of choice for cant degree on the OWB holster. I personally prefer a 10 degree forward cant on my holsters but given the difficulty I've had finding any holsters, let alone custom fit holsters, for my CCP compromises must be made. With that being said, the placement of the belt loops does afford a small forward cant. My other small issue is the lack of availability of a full body shield on the OWB holster, but since I usually wear an undershirt it's not a huge deal. All in all I feel like these 2 holsters should satisfy my needs for years to come at a very affordable price. Any time you can get 2 custom fit holsters for less than $100 you're doing really well but when it comes with a 30 day return period, a lifetime warranty and all the spare parts required to maintain them indefinitely, not to mention the ability to trade in old shells for new ones fitted to different weapons, this is an amazing deal. Highly recommended.

    Very good value by Bryce on 02/23/2016

    I ordered holsters for my Glock 42 and Beretta 84. The fit is perfect. The holster is very well made and makes it a great value at this price. It is incredibly comfortable for all day everyday wear. I love the spare part kit that comes with it should ever I need it. I anticipate purchasing more from Alien Gear as my carry choices and habits change.

    You know what they say about first impressions... by JRZ_DAD on 02/23/2016

    I've only owned the holster for a couple days, but if first impressions are accurate, then this holster has got to be the best!! It took minimal adjusting to fit me right out of the box. Another few minutes to get used to the feel of the holster next to was so comfortable that there were times I forgot I had it on. The texture next to my skin was rubbing, chaffing, nada!! I doubt i'll need another holster for this gun, but if I do, I know where I'm getting it from!! Aliengear - you are as good as advertised!! Thanks!

    Great holster by Axel on 02/23/2016

    Upgraded from my 2.0 to 3.0 very satisfied

    This was the best birthday present for my boyfriend! by Brittany on 02/23/2016

    My boyfriend's birthday was coming up and I was not sure of what to get him. He finally mentioned that he really wanted a IWB holster for his Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm. I never knew how much stuff was out there until I started researching! The Alien Gear brand came up a few times but I was not sure about spending that much money on a holster from them....I'm extremely glad I did... As a first timer when it comes to holsters, the Cloak Tuck 3.0 is of fantastic quality. I was blown away by how much work obviously goes with it, and they include a "How To" manual for positioning the holster! My boyfriend said that it's the most comfortable holster he has ever worn and is more than happy with it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

    Very good value by Bryce on 02/23/2016

    I ordered holsters for my Glock 42 and Beretta 84. The fit is perfect. The holster is very well made and makes it a great value at this price. It is incredibly comfortable for all day everyday wear. I love the spare part kit that comes with it should ever I need it. I anticipate purchasing more from Alien Gear as my carry choices and habits change.

    Quality Product by Seth on 02/22/2016

    Just received my holster. What phenomenal piece of hardware. It feels like it's part of you when you are wearing it. WOW!!!! I am very happy with this purchase. The price is amazing for the craftsmanship in this holster. All I can say is WOW, Keep up the good work guys.

    Fast Shipping! by Ash on 02/22/2016

    Ordered the cloak tuck 3.0 and the owb 2 for 1 deal for my Range Officer Compact. Got them in the mail in just over a week! All my friends told me how great these holsters were but I'm always the skeptic. Let me go ahead and tell you that if you have any hesitations then drop them. These holsters feel awesome, I was worried about fitment, my ROC is snug and secure. New customer and advocate.

    5 star review by Keith on 02/22/2016

    I recently purchased the alien gear cloak tuck 3.0 for my Springfield xd mod 2 45. It is so comfortable that I forget I have it on sometimes! I love my 45 but I was concerned how well I could coneal it and was worried that it would be uncomfortable. After doing a lot of research I made the decision to go with the cloak tuck 3.0 and I'm very glad I did. In regular jeans and a t shirt I can make my 45 disappear. I can wear it all day long and even go on long drives in my car and it's still very comfortable. The quality is amazing and their customer service is second to none!!! Anyone looking for the most comfortable iwb holster for a very good price and amazing customer service should go with alien gear. You won't be disappointed!!!

    Impressed! by Scott on 02/22/2016

    As a new CCW permit holder, I read lot's of reviews and did my research. I wanted to avoid the "Pile of holsters I don't wear" syndrome that people talked about, and it looked like this holster might be a great place to start. I just received the Cloak Tuck 3 IWB holster for my Springfield XD Mod 2 subcompact. It is very comfortable right out of the box, quality looks top-notch, and it's adjustable to suit your preferences. Great fast service and super looking product. Definitely will be ordering more from these guys. Thanks Alien Gear!

    Gun Belt by Todd on 02/22/2016

    I received my belt on time, however it did not fit (my fault, IO measured accordingly but didn't compensate for the IWB holster). However, a quick call to customer service where I spoke with a very friendly representative who provided the instructions for an exchange and I should have the proper belt soon. As for the belt, its great, study, thick, and exactly what you need for a carry belt. This will be my 2nd alien gear holster.... superb products.

    Great product by Mitchell on 02/22/2016

    First off amazing customer service. The product is amazing, I don't see Manny wearing it for appendix but its so comfortable. Will do more businesses

    Awesome holsters by Khlr on 02/22/2016

    Get my shell tomorrow for my Xds 3.3 can't wait to try it out. Why don't you guys make mag holsters? Also that would be awesome

    wow by Buzzard bait on 02/22/2016

    I ordered to combo of inside 3.0 and outside. The iwb is fantastic comfortable for wear all day long. great quality. Love the adjustability. I have a drawer full of holsters some from high caliber names at high prices. They do not compare to the cloak 3.0.

    3 f s form fit and function an engineers dream by Buzzard bait on 02/22/2016

    I have had my out side the waste for about two weeks now. Love it. I forget it is on at times. I found that a polo shirt or untucked shirt covers it easy with no printing. For the price who could ask for more?

    BEST HOLSTER ON THE MARKET by Thomas M on 02/21/2016

    When I first came across this brand, I didnt think much of it. However, after looking at the reviews I decided to give it a try. This holster is EXTREMELY Comfortable when I carry my Glock 30. Compared to some other brands (which I will not name), the price is outstanding and the quality and comfort are unmatched. I definitely love the ability to change the canter and adjust the retention. The warranty and free lifetime shell trades are unbeatable. From now on, I will only buy Alien Gear. Just wish they made Magazine holders as well...

    love my alien gear holster by james on 02/21/2016

    I bought the iwb for a taurus pt 140 on 2-10-16 and i received on 2-20-16 nd I love it fells great and sets and rides a lot better than the gun mate i bought when i bought the gun. I was told it would be at least 2 weeks and i got it in 10 day the work and craftsmanship is great so thank you guys at alien gear and God Bless

    Awesome Awesome Awesome! by Nathan on 02/21/2016

    Wow, where do I begin? Alien Gear, you guys seriously rock. I'm new to the conceal carry world and didn't know what to expect when ordering this holster. First things first, super quick processing and shipping (12 days!) Fits my Sig perfectly! I love how you are able to change the ride height and cant (tilt) of the weapon. Been wearing it straight out of the package for about 6 hours now. Incredibly comfortable, can't wait to try carrying it later this week! Buy it, now!

    Amazing by Matthew on 02/17/2016

    This is one of the most comfortable holsters that I have ever used. Sometimes, I forget that I'm even carrying with it, and a CZ can be a pretty weighty gun to carry. I've never had any issues while walking, sitting, or driving with this product. It absolutely amazed me! Just purchased another one for my S&W .380!

    Outstanding holster by Randy on 02/17/2016

    This product is great! Awesome product, awesome customer service, great price. Outstanding job Alien Gear for delivering a home run on this holster. It fits my gun perfectly and very comfortable to wear, best holster I've tried (and I've tried a lot). Incredible value for the price. Will definitely recommend your product to everyone and anyone. Thank you for the awesome experience. -Customer for life

    I finally found an IWB I can use! by Jason on 02/17/2016

    I'm a big dude! 6'3" and 285lbs so I'm kinda thick (fat). That being said, I like to carry a firearm just the same but at times it is difficult. All you see are these skinny farts in all the ads talking about IWBs and carrying at 12 o'clock, well us big dudes can't do that. Well I found Alien Gear and there ya go. My 2.0 is all I use now. I love it and you can't tell I'm carrying a full size handgun at 4 o'clock. It is comfortable, durable, and can handle the pressure that I put it under. I am going to buy another one for my XDS. Thanks AG for looking out for us full figured fellas. Semper FI

    Absolute comfort..Almost forget that I am wearing it by Whiterock on 02/17/2016

    I was somewhat doubtful of the "comfort" claim by other owners of the cloak tuck 3.0 but am now a believer. You can't go wrong by getting this one!

    Awesome ***** (5 Stars) by Sneakers on 02/17/2016

    Love the feel and easy of adjustment. Made in America. Very comfortable and the custom fit to each individual pistol. I am sure I will be ordering another one soon for my wife's pistol.

    My pistol is a Springfield XDS 4' in a 45 caliber by Rick on 02/17/2016

    I purchased a right hand holster from alien in the right hand IWB but this doesn't work where I want to carry it. I want to carry it IWB in the small of my back. I have already purchased the left hand shell, but I think I also need the left hand base because I don't think the right base will interchange between the left and right hand shells.

    Alien Gear Holsters is ranked 4.95 out of 5. Based on 2238 user reviews.