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    Love it! by mikebeam on 01/16/2017
    Alien Gear Cloak Mod OWB Holster (Outside the Waistband)

    This is the 4th Aliengear holster I have bought. I love the quality. It fits my gun like a glove!

    Worth the money by mikebeam on 01/16/2017
    Alien Gear Gun Belt

    I really love the gun belt I purchased. It was an expensive purchase, but also worth every penny. I am glad I bought it. Holds my PT-845 in place with no sagging. I also love the fact that it was made in the USA. Thank to Aliengear!

    Well made, but too bulky by Christopher on 01/16/2017
    Sig P320 Compact/Carry Cloak Tuck IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

    I like the quality of this product, but it is way to big. I'm a minimalist, and having this large holster is uncomfortable to wear. It is difficult to put on and take off, I need a holster that is secure yet easy to remove when I need to.

    Unbelievable comfort by medic1638 on 01/16/2017
    Alien Gear 2 Holster Combo

    Being a bigger guy I thought that the IWB Cloak Tuck 3.0 might be a bit uncomfortable, but boy was I so wrong. This holster is so comfortable, and it molds so well to your body. I've tried other holsters that my uncle got for the same firearms, and nothing felt as comfortable. Needless to say, Alien Gear is the best out there. I plan on using their gear for all my EDC needs

    Built to Last by B on 01/16/2017
    Black Steel Clips

    I ordered my holster with these steel clips instead of the plastic standard clips. I'm impressed with the quality and they hold on tight, even with quick draws. They are very hard to clip over my jeans and belt however, but I'd rather have a hard time putting them on and know they'll hang on tight when I need it most. My only qualm with them is that I wear my holster at 3:00 and occasionally when sitting, the side edge of the clip at the top of my jeans will dig into my gut. As far as price goes, these seem much more worth it than the plastic ones. I've had the holster for 6 months with these clips and they haven't stretched out, but they have gotten a little easier to clip on.

    Amazing Product by Austin on 01/16/2017
    Alien Gear 2 Holster Combo

    I have owned Alien Gear Holsters for over a year. I did a lot of research before deciding on Alien Gear. I ordered my first holster and was very impressed with it. I now have both IWB and OWB for three of my pistols. I love them.

    Awesome by Coop on 01/16/2017
    Glock - 19 Cloak Tuck IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

    I feel like a spokesman for AG, every person that walks up to a gun counter I'm am at and says what's a good holster, i give them this company. These holsters are over the top, and i never take mine off even when i take the pistol out, the family loves them, and i give them as gifts usually. Trustable real american quality hands down!

    Comfortable by TC on 01/16/2017
    Alien Gear 2 Holster Combo

    Found my first one so comfortable carrying a Sig p320 compact. That I bought my second for a S&W Shield, same result. Next will be a outside the waistband holster for the range. Hoping to have the same results. So far a satisfied customer......

    Comfort + quality by - on 01/15/2017
    S&W M&P45 4.5 inch barrel Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

    I bought this on the word of one of my friends. I asked for a reliable holster and he referred me Alien gear. I checked it out and bought it right there. Basically spent 50$ now I can carry, with a 45 mind you, and it feels like I just have soft pad on me. Gun fits great in it and it comes out they way I like it to. Its comfortable and doesnt bug me whatsoever with daily movements. (Walking, bending, lifting etc...) Worth the buy! Thank you

    Comfortable and great concealment by Brian on 01/15/2017
    Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

    I now own 4 Alien gear holsters 3 IWB and 1 OWB. Along with a skin for an additional pistol. I find them comfortable to wear and I like the fact that there is adjustability in each one. Hopefully in hot weather they will be good also. You can't beat the delivery service, order on a Monday and it's on your waist by Thursday. The pricing is reasonable and the ordering processes is outstanding.

    I have never owned a nicer belt by Brian on 01/15/2017
    Alien Gear Gun Belt

    The belt is nice and stiff it hold holsters well without sagging. I will continue to buy in future as long as I see it's durable. The only improvement I would like to see is the replacement of the snaps that hold in the buckle they are very difficult to snap back together. My previous gunbelt was made by Mitch Rosen and I prefer the Chicago bolts . If the snaps ever break I'll see if I can get them instead.

    Updating my first bad review by kelley on 01/15/2017
    Alien Gear Gun Belt

    I actually ended up loving this belt , after the sizing was corrected .. My waist size is a 40 , and the website recommended going with a 44 inch belt .. It was way to big , so I recorded one for a 42 inch waist .. Now it fits like a glove . The quality is outstanding . Buy the belt .. Its the best around !!!

    Feels good, carries well by David on 01/15/2017
    Springfield XD Mod.2 Subcompact 9mm/40cal 3 inch Cloak Slide OWB Holster (Outside the Waistband)

    Comfortable, light weight and easy to wear. Conforms to body and easy firearm draw and back to the holster. My favorite for concealed carry

    Will buy more by Csmith on 01/15/2017
    S&W SD40 VE Cloak Tuck IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

    I bought this about a year and a half ago for my SD40VE for winter carry. I wear form fitting clothes so was only expecting to be able to carry my full size when it was carhartt weather. I can also carry completely concealed with just a thin hoodie on in the spring and fall. In fact, I choose to carry my full size SD40VE w/ alien gear cloak tuck than carry my little Ruger LCP with a $60 IWB holster. Looking at new guns now and will order an additional original cloak tuck the same day I purchase a new firearm.

    Best yet! by Charles on 01/15/2017
    Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

    Coworker told me about Alein Gear, checked out the site and bought one for my S&W 9MM Shield. Gun fit perfect without any adjustments. Very comfortable, have had other holsters, but this one is by far the most comfortable one I've owned yet.

    Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster Bersa Thunder Plus (Left Hand) by EP001 on 01/14/2017
    Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

    All I can say is "wow". I finally have found a company that makes quality holsters that are lightweight and comfortable, fit my pistol and for left hand. They stand behind their product 100% with lots of additions and perks. I am so happy my search is over high quality, comfortable holsters. Thanks Alien Gear!!

    Great bargin and service by Richard on 01/14/2017
    Alien Gear Gun Belt

    The belt I ordered was the wrong size. They stepped up and made it right. Great customer service, quality and the price is right. I will buy more from them. Thank you Alien Gear.........

    Great bargin and service by Richard on 01/14/2017
    Alien Gear Gun Belt

    The belt I ordered was the wrong size. They stepped up and made it right. Great customer service, quality and the price is right. I will buy more from them. Thank you Alien Gear.........

    Warranty, Great by Big L on 01/14/2017
    Alien Gear 2 Holster Combo

    I've been using the IWB for 6yrs. after three yrs the back got deformed about when the Cloak 3.0 came out. I wear this holster all the time. about 10 to 12 hrs a day. Very comfortable. ALIEN GEAR sent me a hole new setup. After I sent in my old deformed one to them. Fantastic Warranty

    Best all around belt by Murf on 01/13/2017
    Alien Gear Gun Belt

    Love this product. Definitely recommended to anyone looking for an every day casual belt that also has the capability of using it to its potential of a gun belt, This is the best out there on the market. It isn't the cheapest belt but you get what you pay for.

    Hands down the BEST!!! by farmin77 on 01/13/2017
    Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

    This is the best holster that I have used period. It is so comfortable that I forget that I am carrying. Extremely easy to draw and re-holster. Concealability is excellent. Whether I am active or relaxing I do not notice it and others do not have a clue that I am carrying. Outstanding product!!! I have been making many referrals. Thanks again.

    Great Product by Art on 01/13/2017
    Single Cloak Mag Carrier

    First....shipping was lightning fast. Not only did I get the product when it was promised but I actually one day early. What I enjoy the most from this product (single Mag Carrier) is the versatility and multiple carry options. I can wear it at 360 degrees anywhere on my belt. It is slim and compact and does not interfere with my body armor. I contacted customer service with a few questions and the agent (Porter) did an excellent job answering my questions. I would highly recommend this product. I only gave you 5 stars because there isn't an option for 6!

    A couple of screws loose by Edwin on 01/13/2017
    Cloak Slide OWB Leather Base for Semi-Automatics

    After much research I purchased the Alien Gear gun belt. The first time I had to go somewhere I was excited to be wearing such a beautifully crafted belt. As I slid my Cloak Slide OWB holster onto the belt, I felt this sickening scratching. I removed the holster from the belt and my shiny new classy belt now had several deep scratches in it. I inspected the back side of the leather base (the part that is against the body) and found two of the screw bases had worked their way out from the leather. The sharp edges of the screw bases is what caused the scratches on my new belt. I knew I could not let this continue because it would not only continue to damage my belt, but it would eventually fail completely and probably at the worst time. I checked my old belt and it had several minor scratches in it. It was slightly thinner and older belt so I guess I did not pay any attention to the screw bases. I called customer service and explained the problem to them. No problems, a new leather holster base was mailed to me. It arrived in 2 days and I did not have to send the old base to them. The screw bases on the new leather base are almost smooth against the leather and I still feel like they scratch the belt when I slide it on. There has to be a way to cover the screw backs instead of leaving them exposed and that is why I gave the leather base a 2 star rating on quality. This applies only to the leather base and not to the entire OWB holster. The customer service representative originally wanted to replace the belt, but I knew it would only be new, shiny, and unscratched for a short time anyway, so I declined the belt replacement. If I had wanted a new belt, I pretty sure one would have been provided.

    Cannot be beat! by Andy on 01/12/2017
    Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

    I have had this holster for a little over a year now and I can gonestly say that it has been a joy to carry with this system! Comfort is second to none and can be adjusted to the perfect amount of retention for your needs. I have recommended this system to half a dozen or more and will continue to do so whenever i get the chance!

    finest quality owb holster period by Tomcur33 on 01/12/2017
    Alien Gear Cloak Mod OWB Holster (Outside the Waistband)

    and yet again another fine product. my Taurus pt111 g2 fits perfect in this holster and stays in place. it fits snug against my side and is very comfortable. you will love this holster. I will be buying one for all my hand guns.

    best revolver iwb holster ever by Tomcur33 on 01/12/2017
    Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

    I just purchased another fine product from my Taurus .38 special fits perfect in this holster. the holster is small and I can wear it with anything comfortably. very lightweight and does not print. fine quality product, thank you

    Simply the best by Dave on 01/12/2017
    Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

    There is no other Holster that I will buy. For the price and value of this holster there is no comparison to the IWB clock and tuck for my Bersa 9mm. Ever since I bought this holster I am carrying my 9mm ever where I go. I go on my nightly walks using this holster and it is just simply the most comfortable out there.

    Comfortable EDC carry for glock26 by bswag on 01/12/2017
    Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

    I have tried a number of other iwb rigs for edc and none have fit better than the cloak tuck 3.0. It is comfortable for al day carry and very difficult to detect. I highly recommend this product if you plan on exercising your rights.

    Excellent as usual. by Don on 01/11/2017
    Double Cloak Mag Carrier

    AG again knocked it out of the park, this time with cloak double mag carriers. Quality and versatility are excellent albeit a bit pricey. However, you get what you pay for. I have a cloak mod OWB holster as well as a cloak tuck 3.0 and a gun belt. AG customer service is beyond reproach. I haven't owned any other brand of holsters and accessories and I can't imagine I ever will at this point. I highly recommend any of these products.

    Impressed by Diesel on 01/11/2017
    Alien Gear 2 Holster Combo

    I make several long road trips a year and have been in search of a holster that is comfortable enough to be worn for 5-6 hours at a time while riding in a vehicle (pretty much the most uncomfortable way to wear a iwb holster). Well I can honestly say that this is the holster for me. I drove from middle Georgia to central Florida (6hrs) without feeling the need to remove the holster one time. It was great! For the price you pay for this holster, you can't go wrong!!!!

    Glock 43 by That Long Boy on 01/10/2017
    Glock - 43 Cloak Slide OWB Holster (Outside the Waistband)

    Being a bigger guy IWB holsters never really fit me right. But this OWB holster is the most comfortable and concealable one I've ever put on! Wear it everyday for my glock 43. I'll never turn back! Fast shipping and great quality!

    Pleasantly Surprised by Preacher on 01/10/2017
    Alien Gear Cloak Slide OWB Holster (Outside the Waistband)

    I was looking for something to carry my new K6s revolver in and trust me, the pickings are slim. I ordered the belt slide and IWB Cloak and was planning to only use it until one of the custom leather makers starts offering something for my revolver. Plans have changed. The belt slide is so comfortable that I have not even tried the IWB! The belt slide is so comfortable and keeps the gun so close that I can wear it with a light cover garment and be concealed. I have been spending money on custom leather for my 1911's (no regret) and am glad to know that there is something else out there that (1) doesn't break the bank and (2) I don't have to wait 10 weeks or better to get. Just ordered another belt slide for one of my 1911's.

    3.0 IWB great holster by PastorWes on 01/10/2017
    Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

    I got this after my LTC class last summer, have worn the holster most every day, sometimes forget i have it on unless I sit down. Love this thing, comfortable, easy draw, great retention, and for all day carry works great.

    Great Holster by PeteS on 01/10/2017
    Alien Gear Cloak Tuck IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

    I was told by word of mouth that Alien Gear made great holsters. I am new to the handgun world. My first holster was a "neoprene sock" to use for CWP qualification. It did the job and was really cheap. The Alien Gear holster is so much better it is not in the same zip code. My gun is S&W SD40VE (full size class). My Alien Gear holster fits it perfectly. It is very comfortable to wear, has very strong nylon clips, and holds the gun securely. I really like the customization options. Up, down, left, right. You put it where you want it. Due to my handgun being full size, "printing" is only an issue if I bend over. I prefer the 4:30 position. Kneeling or standing, it is invisible. (body size: 6', 180 lbs, 36x34 pants for reference/comparison for those looking to buy a holster) My shopping experience was great. No payment problems. Delivery was in 3 BUSINESS days. My friend's holster is more broken in. His clips are a little more spongy now but still secure, and the tan leather is black where the gun sits, dark brown where it is against skin. His is used constantly, and has owned for a long duration. No signs of failure yet.

    Very comfortable holster well worth tge money!!! by Dale on 01/10/2017
    S&W SD40 VE Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

    Very comfortable easy to conceal very happy with my purchase only thing that could have made it better is if the green plastic pieces were not dirty and black all over but i would recommend this product for and conceal carry

    Sweet by alex on 01/10/2017
    Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

    I'm a small guy I have to say it's still was amazing but a little too big for me to carry glock 17 gen4 on hot days in the south that would still recommend for everybody I wear T-shirts

    amazing by alex on 01/10/2017
    Taurus Judge Poly 2 inch Cloak Tuck IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

    The Best customer service never had a problem exchanging my shells if I ever had a problem there're easy to contact and Respond to all my emails

    Now that's a gun belt by Ron on 01/10/2017
    Alien Gear Gun Belt

    So, I got my belt in today, and I must say, I'm impressed. It feels great and substantial, and it makes the IWB holster snug without pinching it. The belt is obviously thicker than your average belt, and it seems to be made with craftsmanship in mind. I got mine as part of a package deal, which makes it a very reasonable price for the product. I was nervous about dropping that much on a belt, but I trusted the company. As far as fit, I ordered a 40, I wear a 35 pant size, and it gave me room on both sides of the belt both with and without a firearm. I do wish they added another hole to the belt, but that's not a major issue.

    Best holsters around by floridaboy on 01/10/2017
    Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

    I started with the original Cloak Tuck. Great Holster! Then graduated to the Cloak Tuck 3.0 when it came out. I'm more than satisfied. This holster is so comfortable to wear and carries my weapon of choice (XDM 45 Compact) so well that I almost forget I have it on. Hats Off to Alien Gear! I recommend Alien Gear to all of my friends. and family.

    Hands down the most comfortable IWB holster I have worn! by Ray on 01/09/2017
    Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

    I have tried many of the competitors IWB holsters and this one is hands down the most comfortable ones. Easy to wear all day long, you actually forget you have it on! Craftsmanship that you would not expect for a holster of this price, and really fast shipping. Will be getting my other favorites fitted with Alien Gear Holsters!

    Excellent! by Dave on 01/09/2017
    Alien Gear Cloak Slide OWB Holster (Outside the Waistband)

    I am not sure what I'm most impressed with: the quality of my holster, the value or that I received it 3 days after I ordered it! Thank you!

    Outstanding value, flexible platform by WeekendWarrior76 on 01/09/2017
    Single Cloak Mag Carrier

    I am a disabled person, a left leg above the knee amputee. Finding products that allow me to safely concealed carry has been a challenge before alien gear products hit the market, especially since carrying anything IWB on my left side is almost impossible due to the way my prosthesis fits and functions. These new mag carriers absolutely fit the bill for me as I can now adjust the cant of the bucket to a perfect angle in line with my belt. Now I can carry an additional mag for my Glock 23 OWB, Something I've been unable to do with products already on the market. The ability to customize how I carry is a lifesaver for me, literally. When I'm sitting, even OWB, my extra mag isn't interfering with my comfort at all, and stays secure. I have installed the belt slide option and the mag stays put in the same location weather I'm sitting or standing. There are a lot of reviews on here already about how these mags work, so I'd like to just reinforce how comfortable they really are, and that they're very simple to adjust to your liking. The construction is lightweight, very top-notch. You can't deny that having your allen wrench with you in the bucket is pretty amazing, especially if you need to make an adjustment here and there. I have shopped around for a LONG time, and until now, couldn't find a mag carrier that was tailored to my specific needs without spending a fortune. I've never been a big fan of leather products, and other carriers made of cloth offer zero retention and security. Alien Gear offered exactly what I needed right out of the gate. I also have the cloak mod 3.0 holster, as well as the cloak dock installed in my SUV, and I love them both. Wearing my Glock on my hip while I'm driving isn't an option for me due to how I sit. Now, I can carry an extra mag, on the other side of my waist, and my gun belt isn't being weighed down all on one side, and I can carry it comfortably. I even have a cloak tuck 3.0 for my .380 and love it. You can't go wrong with this mag carrier, no matter how you decide to wear it. An excellent platform all the way.

    Outstanding Holster and a great value by JB on 01/09/2017
    Alien Gear Cloak Tuck IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

    Loved it from the moment I pulled it out of the bag. The only thing I did was change the retention using the supplied hardware pack and it was perfect. Comfortable, functional and half the price of the competition. Customer service is top notch too! This fit my Springfield XD 45 like a glove. I just ordered one for my wife as well.

    Love it by TOM on 01/09/2017
    Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

    Very fast shipping, quality product. Fit my ppq very well and was comfortable on first use

    Solid holster by Johnny on 01/09/2017
    Alien Gear Cloak Slide OWB Holster (Outside the Waistband)

    Very pleased with this OWB. Excellent price fast shipping. This is my second holster from Alien Gear. Customer for life.

    Best holster and love the dock mount by Thomas on 01/09/2017
    Alien Gear Cloak Mod OWB Holster (Outside the Waistband)

    Comfortable and easy to draw and reholster. Dock Mount is sturdy and easy to install in a vehicle. Customer service was really friendly and helpful. Will order more when I can.

    Feels like nothing by We come strapped! on 01/08/2017
    Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

    I ordered my combo holster pack on a Saturday and it came to my home on Tuesday. I wore the IWB holster to get use to the feel of it. Now I'm so use to it that I can't even tell that I'm wearing it. Great product!

    Great product and excellent service by Bookworm on 01/08/2017
    Alien Gear Cloak Tuck IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

    Have 2 of these holsters and am very satisfied. I can wear it tucked in pants with my shield 9mm and be comfortable. Shirt tucks in and with proper fit holster doesn't print. As far as customer service goes I'm very satisfied. My son gave me the second holster for a Christmas gift and found it don't have a mod pack included with holster and clips, after going online and chatting with Steve was then told it would be sent out free of charge, Was here within three days. If this doesn't help you decide to buy from them don't know what else to say.

    Over all so far so good! by Nick on 01/08/2017
    Alien Gear 2 Holster Combo

    I purchased this holster about a month ago. I didn't want to make a pointless review like I have seen that day "ordered today can't wait" just doesn't make sence. Over all good holster and very comfortable with one exception. I was use to carrying right behind the hip bone at about 3:30 position, this holster is set up to carry at about 4:30. Although it is extremely comfortable, I need to move it slightly when getting into the car and while driving as driving with the gun between my back and the car seat is not comfortable. Also with the gun between my back and the seat while driving makes it very unesesable while driving. but I would not let this effect my star rating. It's great that it's fully adjustable, height, retention and cant. My only recommendation would be to design a iwb holster that would fit comfortably right behind the hip at about the 3:30 position. Would definitely recommend!

    Great Product by Superstrat on 01/07/2017
    Standard Clips

    These clips work great.

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